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File: eXtreme Unit Buttons01-01-08
Re: Re: A problem and a dumb question
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Originally posted by Cosmic Cleric http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info7899.html Basically, when you click at the top of this page on a version file (Patch & Add-on List), it takes you into that version's web page, that has its own posting area. Cheers. I guess I must have been there when I downloaded the beta, but if s...
File: eXtreme Unit Buttons12-30-07
A problem and a dumb question
Posted By: fredddredd
Dumb question first.... Originally posted by tayedaen Please post your results in the subforum of the new release. I'd love to - but darned if i can see where that is. I came in on www.wowinterface.com, and I can't see any further forum links for the life of me. (Problem details transferred to the 1.9 beta subforum.)
File: eXtreme Unit Buttons11-25-07
Re: Purge Blink
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Originally posted by tayedaen Hm, Purge is really difficult. Uusually the target has buffs on it, when you want to use purge. So the button type DEBUFF does not work, since the target is not debuffed The button type BUFF is not working since you would have to explicetely name all buffs that should enable the purge button. We...
File: eXtreme Unit Buttons11-22-07
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I've been using XUB ever since GroupButtons died, and it's been superb - everything I've needed. Suddenly I'm trying to do something that ought to be simple, but I'm darned if I can get it to work - I'm wondering if I'm missing something obvious. In summary - I want a button for my Shaman's "Purge" spell that will blink whenever...
File: eXtreme Unit Buttons05-23-07
Re: Re: New patch
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Originally posted by paladindrome It worked for E on the Public Test Realm and I have been using it today. Nothing I have found - but I havent tested it with all alts yet. The TOC is out of date so you have to run it as an out of date mod. Drome Two things I've noticed so far. Firstly, I had the raid UI MOd set to "C...
File: eXtreme Unit Buttons03-14-07
Profiles/Floating frame observation
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The (unsupported) floating frame has potential; with more such frames, the ability to control their opacity and to lock their locations, you'd have the function to add arbitrary groups of buttons pretty much without limit and wherever needed. One observation: whether or not it's been triggered by my using it on one character or not...
File: eXtreme Unit Buttons03-14-07
Re: Re: Re: Re: Saved Variables location
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Originally posted by Elenesski The key reason to store ALL the variables on the character was to eliminate the issue of one toon having a completely different configuration (unit frames et al) from another toon; such as a partner/sibling playing on your account. Also, because the specification is all text, you can copy-and-paste...
File: eXtreme Unit Buttons03-13-07
Re: Re: Saved Variables location
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Originally posted by Elenesski What did you have in mind? I save all the variables according to character, I didn't think it was possible to save them elsewhere (other than not on the character). This is 3rd mod, and my first mod that required more than 100 lines of code. That means I'm very new to LUA and very new to WOW mods...
File: eXtreme Unit Buttons03-11-07
Saved Variables location
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This is slowly becoming a very nice mod indeed. One suggestion, though. I make a point of backing up my saved variables folder regularly, to guard against losing my tailoring to problems. However, in the case of this mod that won't work, as you're currently saving variables by character in the WTF folder. Given that that's one of...