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File: Supervillain UI (Classic)08-09-10
Originally posted by wytheredcloud...
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Originally posted by wytheredcloud also real quick, anyway to give like targets, or even unitframes all percentages of HP/MP?... for some reason bosses aren't showing percentages, neither are any party/raid members unitframes. Go into config options (middle click in map) then Feature options then extras and click off Show HP...
File: TownLocator12-26-09
thx alot:-):banana: gonna try it...
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thx alot:-):banana: gonna try it out. just what i need
File: Give Me Health01-13-09
I have been looking for an addon li...
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I have been looking for an addon like this for ages now:( Since Autobar took a lot of memory i wanted something else, and this looks awsome. cant wait to try it out:D Thanx a lot:cool::banana::cool: