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File: Aurora04-18-11
Skinning the world map?
Posted By: mushroom_cult
I can very easily create a backdrop and border for the world map, but I can't seem to figure out how to hide/remove the default border. Any ideas?
File: Duffed UI v512-05-10
I've done some mild editing of the...
Posted By: mushroom_cult
I've done some mild editing of the Holy Power bars (mostly size and positioning) but there's one thing I haven't figured out. Is there any way to only show the Holy Power bar when I have a target? Even better, is there a way to only show it when I have 1 or more Holy Power?
File: ElvUI10-12-10
I'm getting this Lua error upon log...
Posted By: mushroom_cult
I'm getting this Lua error upon login...alot... Message: Interface\AddOns\Tukui\scripts\bubbles.lua:31: attempt to index a nil value Time: 10/12/10 22:57:52 Count: 1731 Stack: Interface\AddOns\Tukui\scripts\bubbles.lua:31: in function Interface\AddOns\Tukui\scripts\bubbles.lua:45...
File: RealUI02-27-10
Originally posted by Nibelheim Hm...
Posted By: mushroom_cult
Originally posted by Nibelheim Hmm, how'd you update to 0.0.5? Seems like some of the kgPanels scripts remained from 0.0.4. At first I just merged the folders. That didn't work, so I renamed them and installed from scratch. Edit: I wanted make some minor adjustments for a specific character, so I created a new profile and c...
File: RealUI02-27-10
That incessant blinking is still th...
Posted By: mushroom_cult
That incessant blinking is still there in 0.0.5. It only affects the target frame, and only the health bar and the two arrows for the targets name and ToT. Any idea what's causing it?
File: RealUI02-25-10
How do I go about changing the size...
Posted By: mushroom_cult
How do I go about changing the size of the chat window? Can't seem to figure it out... I can drag it and whatnot, just can't adjust the size. Edit: Nevermind, I'm just mildly retarded.
File: IshtaraUi10-06-08
Quick question - Which SBF profile...
Posted By: mushroom_cult
Quick question - Which SBF profile should I select? I've glanced at them all and none of them seem to fit properly (I'm running 1680x1050 resolution, that shouldn't be the problem). I know buffs are taken care of through Pitbull, but debuffs don't appear to be, and I can't find an SBF profile with compatible debuff settings. Oth...