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File: Possessions 4.2 with Void Storage (Fan Update)11-12-14
As even this Fan Update became outd...
Posted By: Nathanyel
As even this Fan Update became outdated, I fixed the addon for 6.0 7.0 :)
File: RaresTip11-08-14
Yep, some functions changed and act...
Posted By: Nathanyel
Yep, some functions changed and actually take less varied parameters now. edit but your issue is actually something different, a semi-rare occurrence of the parameter being nil. I noticed that, too, and it's already fixed in my dev version :) I'm already in the process of rewriting the addon for WoD, I'm just having trouble finding...
File: Livestock10-15-14
Re: Re: ground mounts
Posted By: Nathanyel
I believe they will all work, but they re-classified all mounts inside the game into land and flying categories.Yes, all flying mounts can be used as ground mounts in no-flying zones.
File: Livestock10-15-14
Re: Druid: Only Stag chosen in Smart Mounting
Posted By: Nathanyel
Love the concept of your addon. Installed it, but it only summons Stag as a Druid. I have the latest and am willing to test if I can. Thanks!Do you use Glyph of the Stag? If not, that would be awesome, since there'd be a way to force Land Travel Form in Flying areas :D
File: Panda06-09-13
erogroth, are you using the latest...
Posted By: Nathanyel
erogroth, are you using the latest version? I milled herbs of different types yesterday and had no problems with remainders.
File: Glyphed03-10-13
Any chance we can get an update for...
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Any chance we can get an update for this and maybe to see if we can get the features working i love this addon when it was working goodIn fact, I wanted to update my addons for 5.2 today (mostly .toc bumps) and look at Glyphed again, didn't play much the last months, saw Taroven's suggestion early but never got around to do somethi...
File: RaidAchievement02-03-13
I hope the completion sound for One...
Posted By: Nathanyel
I hope the completion sound for One-Up will be this :)
File: Squirrels12-01-12
Re: Need update for 5.1?
Posted By: Nathanyel
This addon appears to have stopped working with the newest patch. Have others experienced this and does the addon need to be updated?I just uploaded a new version with the toc number adjusted for the 5.1 patch, I guess you meant that. Without "Load out of date AddOns" checked in the addon menu, the game does not load addons that don...
File: Squirrels11-08-12
Re: conflict
Posted By: Nathanyel
this addon conflicts with Super Duper Macros. as a result, i cannot run this addon. it would be nice to run both. the conflict is such that it makes super duper macros' macro list not show up.Sorry it took me so long to reply, first there was work, then I forgot about it :o What kind of conflicts to you get? I installed the other...
File: Pet Theory10-07-12
Re: suggestion
Posted By: Nathanyel
I don't think this would be a really useful thing, wild pets are either spread all over the zone, or concentrated in certain subzones. Plus, it would need filter mechanisms to display this on the map in a meaningful way. For the somewhat-rare times you can't find a pet in a zone, better just look it up on Wowhead.
File: Squirrels09-29-12
Re: Minor Correction
Posted By: Nathanyel
The achievement lists a 'Wasted Roach' but the name is actually 'Resilient Roach'. Next time you release an update, please add that correction.Added, thank you!
File: InFlight09-07-12
More just a curiousity than anythin...
Posted By: Nathanyel
More just a curiousity than anything...is there a reason this addon doesn't have the 5.0.4 designation that WowInterface gives up to date addons? It's up to date, after all. Noticed it didn't have one for 4.3 either. Just an oddity I noticed. Thanks for updating.There's a checkbox when you update an addon to indicate it works with th...
File: Possessions 4.2 with Void Storage09-06-12
Posted By: Nathanyel
http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info21551-Possessions4.2withVoidStorageFanUpdate.html Someone did a fix for the ranged slot and void storage issue :)
File: InFlight09-04-12
Re: Timers still lacking for some places
Posted By: Nathanyel
Or can you make the programming so that when someone flies someplace new that's not in the addon that it records the time, and then logs it.Of course, that's how the addon got most of the data - while the number of possible routes is finite, it's exponential, so even a bunch of authors would spend a lot of time trying them out and st...
File: Livestock09-03-12
Well, I couldn't notice any major l...
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Well, I couldn't notice any major limitations, tested with a level 26 and later with a 41 I remembered, any ground mount worked (admittedly, I skipped several of the racial mount recolors) including those flying mounts that can be used as ground mounts, while other flying mounts required Expert Riding, and the 61 could use any flying...
File: Livestock09-03-12
Are there certain mounts you can't...
Posted By: Nathanyel
Are there certain mounts you can't use if you don't have Epic Riding/Flying yet? I was able to ride several "epic" mounts on a level 26, and fly a proto-drake on a level 61.
File: Possessions 4.2 with Void Storage04-26-12
Posted By: Nathanyel
Interface\AddOns\Possessions\Possessions.lua:1595: attempt to index local 'storeBag' (a nil value) Interface\AddOns\Auctionator\AtrErrorInspector.lua:101: in function : ? Interface\AddOns\Possessions\Possessions.lua:1595: in function `Possessions_VoidStorageUpdate' Interface...
File: XLoot 1.0 (Inactive)03-06-12
Re: Coins a no-show
Posted By: Nathanyel
When I loot coins, they do not show up in the Xloot frame. I have seen some 1g or more show up on occasion, is there a threshold to show, can it be adjusted?This is due to the addon's recent autoloot feature, it's enabled by default for both coin and quest items. I must say, I deactivated it after a while, it did kinda feel weird...
File: GuildRepCap [DISCONTINUED]03-04-12
I honestly have no idea; I play on...
Posted By: Nathanyel
I honestly have no idea; I play on US realms.Well but I do ;) I'll check whether it still resets on Tuesday :P Tuesday update: yes, guild rep cap was reset, I'll publish an update tomorrow evening, not that it affected a major feature of the addon anymore (do people even notice the changed guild frame tooltip?)
File: GuildRepCap [DISCONTINUED]03-03-12
Yeah I noticed that in the meantime...
Posted By: Nathanyel
Yeah I noticed that in the meantime, too :) I even have some code already in place, would only have to change a number. I didn't really pay attention to guild rep in recent time, did they change the EU reset to Wednesday yet?
File: Deadly Boss Mods02-15-12
Why does the auto-reply fire from o...
Posted By: Nathanyel
Why does the auto-reply fire from other users' auto-replies in certain situations? :P Example: A begins an encounter B whispers to A, A sends " A is fighting Boss X..." - so far, so intended B begins an encounter A defeats/wipes Boss X, sends message about that to B, B replies " B is fighting Boss Y..." - this...
File: PrintVar02-05-12
/run print(value1,value2,...) give...
Posted By: Nathanyel
/run print(value1,value2,...) gives a listing of the string representations of the given values. And if you run any Ace addon, there's /print, which even outputs the table structure.
File: XLoot 1.0 (Inactive)01-28-12
I think there may be a problem with...
Posted By: Nathanyel
I think there may be a problem with the autoloot feature and manual looting of other items in the mob, noticed this with bosses that drop several BoP items (which have to be manually looted if you're solo) Most notable when soloing BC heroic bosses (e.g. Ikiss after Anzu, for the rep and to get out of the instance faster) as they dr...
File: AutoVisor [DISCONTINUED]01-09-12
Have you considered registering for...
Posted By: Nathanyel
Have you considered registering for login as well, checking for combat, and adjusting the state then? For enabled characters, that would seemly solve the "Will not be correct if logged out in combat" issue =)Depending on the fight, you may not be in combat anymore after the relog, even in a boss fight, you might not go into combat im...
File: Will It Mog? [DISCONTINUED]12-26-11
Re: Suggested addition...
Posted By: Nathanyel
How about adding whether the item can be put in Void Storage? Seems like a useful bit of info. I know it should be obvious, but for some reason I still have trouble identifying Vault-worthy items.Soulbound, non-unique, non-stackable. Too broad a concept to use an addon for that :rolleyes: