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File: Scrap (Junk Seller)07-14-08
Not loading?
Posted By: Lewzephyr
I have the mod enabled in the options. I do not see any new buttons when at a vendor. I dont see a button for Scrap Options (where should I see this). Is there a slash command to open it? I receive no errors, and yes I am sure its in the correct directory. I have Combuctor, as well as the Scrap Combuctor enabled. Your time...
File: Shockolate06-30-08
Would like to see smiliar feature to Geist
Posted By: Lewzephyr
Id like to see the ability to set up a circle of buttons that stay hidden unless a certain key is held down, which makes the ring of buttons appear directly under where ever the mouse is. consider it a emergency action bar if you will. Just a thought... Mod looks nice, keep up the work.
File: IWD (fan's update)04-05-08
Yes, it shows incomputable here as...
Posted By: Lewzephyr
Yes, it shows incomputable here as well.
File: Outfitter04-05-08
Issue with Stealth
Posted By: Lewzephyr
Been using outfitter for some time. Love this ol boy. Thanks for all the work. Ok, weirdness with Stealth started happening recently. I swap my main with my off hand when stealthed. As I like to have a dagger in my main when stealthed. The oddness is that the swap doesnt happen sometimes. Or the return swap does not happe...
File: SSPVP302-08-08
anyone else having similar issue with frames reseting?
Posted By: Lewzephyr
Is this mic working? /tap /tap /tap
File: SSPVP302-03-08
Great Mod. WTB working frame position saves.
Posted By: Lewzephyr
First. Great mod. thanks for all that you do. Every time I get back into game... I have to reposition my PvP Objectives, Scoreboard, and Capture Bar. WTB saved position. EDIT. Looking through the saved variables it does look like its got an x and y for saving position.... but they never reappear where I had them last when...
File: FuBar - Critter InFu06-08-07
Posted By: Lewzephyr
: FuBar_CritterInFu-v2.1\CritterInFu.lua:914: attempt to concatenate local 'petType' (a nil value) --- not exactly sure when it happened but it did not happen on login. This was on my warlock.
File: GatherSage05-22-07
2.1 version
Posted By: Lewzephyr
File: X-Perl UnitFrames12-30-06
Move pet buff?
Posted By: Lewzephyr
I just installed this mod today... and ya it looks fekkin sweet. So far I have been able to do everything Id like to do, except move my pet Buff's above the pet frame. I understand to post feature requests in the correct area, I am posting here to see if I am just missing where that option would be set. It would also be sweet to...
File: Bongos212-16-06
getting alot of errors since update:
Posted By: Lewzephyr
: SuperMacro\SM_Tooltip.lua:159: attempt to index local 'pic' (a nil value) actionBar\button.lua:333: in function `UpdateCooldown' actionBar\button.lua:299: in function `Update' actionBar\button.lua:416: in function `UpdateAll' actionBar\button.lua:97: in function `Set' actionBar\bar.lua:168: in function `Layout' actionBar\bar....
File: Ace212-08-06
Ace2 error when Disenchanting.
Posted By: Lewzephyr
I am posting this here, as the WoWAce forums are presently offline due to the patch day festivities. The moment you click on the disenchant button, this error shows up: Ace2 has been blocked from an action only available to the Blizzard UI. You can disable this addon and reload the UI. Disabling it, reloads UI, then I get the...
File: Bongos212-08-06
Profile saving / loading is buggered
Posted By: Lewzephyr
Ok, if I setup a character, and save profile. I can swap to another character, and load that profile. If I log to another character. There is NO profile saved. I have to log back into a char with the settings I want, save profile, log back to character I want to set, and load profile. Thanks for getting this sweet mod up to sp...
File: MetaMap10-29-06
Show Unexplored Areas not saving
Posted By: Lewzephyr
since recent update MetaMap does not save Show Unexplored Areas. I always want it on, but every time I log in, I have to reset it now. Thanks for a great mod.
File: FuBar - Critter InFu10-05-06
well happy nuptuals... and all that...
Posted By: Lewzephyr
well happy nuptuals... and all that jazz... hope the wedding and honeymoon is wonderfull.
File: Minimalist09-11-06
2nd the request for Ace2 version
Posted By: Lewzephyr
Ya, just waiting on a few stragglers to remove last reminance of ace 1.3.
File: Fizzwidget Feed-O-Matic08-26-06
what triggers the autofeed?
Posted By: Lewzephyr
What is supose to trigger the pet autofeed? The only way I can get pet to feed is by using hotkey.
File: Bongos208-23-06
Re: Re: text on steath icon
Posted By: Lewzephyr
Zarr2k: Thats it exactly, thanks. Ok, here is another issue: When using the Profile system. I can save a profile with no issue, and can load that profile on another char with no problem. If I then go to yet another character and attempt to load that same profile.. it comes out all buggered. I have to log onto the char that...
File: Bongos208-22-06
text on steath icon
Posted By: Lewzephyr
On the most recent updates, my stealth button has a CF1 on it in fine print. I dont belive I have any external addon putting this here, but I also done recall that text ever being there before either. I have looked through the /bob options and do not see where I can turn this text off. Is this from Bongos? or should I continue to...
File: SimpleCombatLog08-13-06
Version .7 still not showing cash loot
Posted By: Lewzephyr
Well, I went to version .7, of course deleting the saved var's prior to starting. I can get all reports to show, except money. Thats even without having the suppress combat log checked. Probably something else in my UI, but im in the mood to play instead of debug... so Ill hack on it later.
File: SimpleCombatLog08-12-06
Correct, using 8b
Posted By: Lewzephyr
That is correct I am using the 8b from curse. Should I install the previous version? or is your update expected in the near future. Presently I just have the standard wow combat turned on for those items, so its not a show stopper by any means. Thanks for the response.
File: SimpleCombatLog08-12-06
Colored Text in Format
Posted By: Lewzephyr
How do I color the Text in the Format. Like it defaulted on the Dishonor option. I have just switched to this mod from the HitsMode MOD, so just starting to get my feet wet. EDIT: Presently Almost all events are workign flawlessly for me... but I am unable to see money, Reputation and experience gains. I do see item looting,...
File: AutoBuff [Emerald]07-22-06
Rogue Detect Traps now Passive
Posted By: Lewzephyr
just an FYI / headsup... you no longer need autobuff to cast detect traps. Thanks for all your hard work.
File: StopTheSpam07-22-06
started getting this error on login...
Posted By: Lewzephyr
started getting this error on login: StopTheSpam.lua:46: attempt to index field `Const' (a nil value)
File: Bongos206-03-06
Bongos Options pops up on login
Posted By: Lewzephyr
Not sure if to report as a bug or just something messed up on my end. so Ill check here first. On initial login from a WoW restart the Bongos Options GUI pops up. I close it, on log out and back in, it will not repop. Ok, and if I log out and back in to another character that I havent been on in this session the window will pop....
File: FruityLoots05-20-06
Im sure it would of already been done....
Posted By: Lewzephyr
Im sure it would of already been done it it were possible... but I guess Ill ask anyways. Ok, you know how if you Shift+RtClick a corpse it will loot all. Is there a way to make that the norm (loot all) and use the Shift+RtClick for manual loot? Im assuming that the answer is that Blizzard blocks any altering of the loot proc...