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File: EquipCompare04-22-09
Originally posted by DonCorneo Si...
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Originally posted by DonCorneo Since WI has shown it does not care about the impact its last decision has had on its users, I will not be using WI for AddOns. Please make your AddOns available on http://wowui.incgamers.com when you have a chance so I can continue using them. Thank you. LoL'd :rolleyes: Sooo you came in here...
File: LinksList11-28-07
: /
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Didn't find the keybinding from the keybindings window because it was not there. Didn't see a button for this addon. /linkslists /linkslist /ll /listslink Didn't work. Addon was loaded. Until I found out that you need to load all the other plugins for this addon. Then it began to work, and not a single word on this page ab...
File: Cartographer11-28-07
Problem - Bug
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I'm using newest version of Cartographer from WoWace's site. Each time when I open my Guild Options -tab (I'm the leader) it gives an error message saying something about guild update and the content inside the Guild Options window is all messed up. I think it has something to do with the guild tracking function of this addon, wh...