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File: Item Tooltip Cleaner09-17-17
Hey! Sorry if this isn't the pla...
Posted By: Feril
Hey! Sorry if this isn't the place to ask, but... what font is that there on the tooltip screenshots for the addon? It looks really nice, but I can't quite locate it :(
File: RareAlert09-23-13
Thanks for the reply, Haleth :)...
Posted By: Feril
Thanks for the reply, Haleth :) I hope they fix those bugs. What irks me from the system used by, for example, NPC Scan is that it depends on managing the cache. I know that system lets you search for many more things than just "rares", but anyway... This new feature of showing rares on the minimap is really cool and I hope the...
File: RareAlert09-22-13
Posted By: Feril
Is it possible to announce the name of the rare detected?
File: Overachiever08-20-10
I'm wondering if it would be possib...
Posted By: Feril
I'm wondering if it would be possible to add a feature to the addon. Ok, so there's statistics which track different bandages, food, drinks, flasks, etc., and the addon marks food and drink as "tasted", but it does that by making a custom list at the addon's saved variables file, so all consumables used prior to the installation o...
File: oGlow08-04-10
Heroic epic items
Posted By: Feril
So, do you think there would be a non-terrible way to show heroic-epic items? A smaller green border inside the purple border? Green corners? Is it a waste of time? Would it look terrible anyway? xD
File: rBottomBarStyler04-19-09
Orb update
Posted By: Feril
Hi, I was wondering if there would be a setting to make orbs update more frequently, so that energy (for example) updates quickly instead of in large ticks. It's driving me crazy! The RothUI orbs did this, but I don't know how to combine the two :( By the way, I don't mean smooth updating. I don't really like that, because when...