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File: Sleek Free Bag Slots10-30-15
Fury of Hellfire
Posted By: DonCorneo
Updated version numbers to remove "out of date". Still have not had any compatibility issues.
File: Sleek Free Bag Slots07-27-13
Posted By: DonCorneo
Though I haven't been on much, I did go in game to check to see if SFBS was still working, and I didn't have any issues. All this update is is to bring it current instead of "Out of date". Any problems, please leave a message here. Have fun.
File: Sleek Free Bag Slots11-29-12
Updated for WoW 5.1 to remove it fr...
Posted By: DonCorneo
Updated for WoW 5.1 to remove it from "out of date" status. No other changes. Put numbers in wrong, but now fixed.
File: Sleek Free Bag Slots10-07-11
To update or not update
Posted By: DonCorneo
Been off for a little while and see that SFBS has gone "out of date" again. So far I haven't had any bugs. If anyone still using this addon has a bug, please let me know, otherwise all I might do is update the "out of date" issue.
File: Sleek Free Bag Slots12-07-10
Re: Thanks!
Posted By: DonCorneo
Originally posted by Xaemyl Thanks for updating this for cata! :banana: Your welcome. :D
File: Sleek Free Bag Slots11-05-10
4.0.1 compatible version release
Posted By: DonCorneo
Uploaded file and just waiting approval by WoWUI.
File: Sleek Free Bag Slots11-02-10
Cataclysm update
Posted By: DonCorneo
I will be uploading an update for Cataclysm very soon.:banana: Bugs have been fixed, just reviewing the way the code is written and possibly cleaning it up.
File: tekKompare08-17-09
It looks like another addon you guy...
Posted By: DonCorneo
It looks like another addon you guys are using is conflicting with tekKompare. From the SS provided, I can see I am not using the bag addon that is shown and I do not have this problem, even before the latest update. Try disabling the bag addon and see if the problem goes away. I've tried several bag addons and they all seemed to ha...
File: TradeJunkie07-14-09
I'm glad you will be keeping TJ her...
Posted By: DonCorneo
I'm glad you will be keeping TJ here as WI is my prefered site, mainly due to the people at WI actually caring about the gaming community and trying their best at making the site, and the client, as good as it is. I hope more authors join this band wagon.
File: LightHeaded04-21-09
I'm sorry you have a problem with W...
Posted By: DonCorneo
I'm sorry you have a problem with WM, especially for such a minor issue. I like your AddOns, but I'm sorry to say I'm not downloading from WI anymore. The decision to block WM WITHOUT warning was BS. WI did not think about the impact this would have on its users on a major patch day. I was thinking it was going to be hard to re...
File: QuestAnnouncer03-23-09
Posted By: DonCorneo
Are you still updating QuestAnnouncer?
File: WoWInterface UI Manager - Windows02-03-09
Wrong addon detected (Registering)
Posted By: DonCorneo
Can you add the feature to unregister an addon like when no matches are found? I have 3 addons that are not on WoWInterface (I searched the site and they are not there) but the UI Manager found "matches" that are not the addons.
File: Recipe Radar11-08-08
Originally posted by ladenedge He...
Posted By: DonCorneo
Originally posted by ladenedge Hello all! After all of the helpful and encouraging comments, I finally got a working Recipe Radar up for download. At least, I hope it works, heh. It sounds like many of you got by with Yor's version, and I am most thankful for Yor's quick fix and public release! Thank you very much! I'm s...
File: Titan Panel [Itemized Deductions]11-01-08
With the last Blizz update I trashe...
Posted By: DonCorneo
With the last Blizz update I trashed all my addons and started from scratch. I downloaded this addon, but have the Dependancy Missing error, so I tried to get it. It's looking for ItemDataCache. I can only find old versions of it. Is there a new, up-to-date version out there? Or is there another addon to replace it? The old copies...
File: WoWInterface UI Manager - Windows05-19-08
.WID file
Posted By: DonCorneo
Though I have a lot of mods that are on WoWInterface, the UI Manager will not automatically work with them. Even if you manually add them through the Manager ("Register Add-ons..." or "Install New"), I get "Error - Internal Error" response. This holds even if an updated version of the mod is available. I also get the same error when...
File: Totemus07-25-07
Posted By: DonCorneo
Will you be updating Totemus anymore? It's been a great program and I for one would love to see it updated. I do not know how to make/fix add-ons, so I'll leave it up to the smarter people to do it. Please update thid add-on. :D