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File: Select12-24-16
Equipment Slots
Posted By: ruadh
Is there a way to /select an equipment slot? I'm trying to include my belt with the Spinal Healing Potion Injector tinkered onto it with my healing macro. This works fine: #showtooltip /select Frostwolf Ringmail Belt,item:Healthstone,item:Healing,item:Bandage /click S011M;S011A But I wondered if I could set one up that I d...
File: WoW UI Designer09-27-16
Editing XML
Posted By: ruadh
Thanks for your work on this. Excellent product. I know there must be a way to look at the XML after I've created a form, but I can't figure it out. Help?
File: ZHunterMod11-03-07
Button Skinis
Posted By: ruadh
I have no idea how hard it would be, but it would be awesome if ZHunterMod supported CyCircled button skins.
File: DuckieBank09-17-07
Custom Pricing Formula
Posted By: ruadh
First, thanks very much for an excellent addon. We chose this one because of the ease of setup and the ability to set prices. Speaking of prices... We've found that the buy-from-vendor prices on a lot of items seem unreasonable. We'd still like the bank to make a profit to generate cash for guild promotions and such, but charging...