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File: Class Buttons12-03-08
For some reason I can not seem to m...
Posted By: Yawgmoth21
For some reason I can not seem to move the bars now with the newest addon. I have tried clicking the anchors with all combinations of Shift, ctrnl and alt with both left and right mouse buttons and I can not move them.
File: WFWatcher10-03-08
Things to do
Posted By: Yawgmoth21
I am hopping the auto detection will also detect if you have the new talent that is coming out with 3.0 to detect if you have imp. Windfury. I love this add-on and hope it continues to get better.
File: Or_SoulShards03-20-08
Love the Idea hope you can make it...
Posted By: Yawgmoth21
Love the Idea hope you can make it so that it isnt Ace 2 dependant.
File: CurseBar03-14-08
How do I bring up the configuration...
Posted By: Yawgmoth21
How do I bring up the configuration box? Could you put this in a readme or in your discription area, same with your warlock summon bar. Thanks much.
File: Spellcraft11-14-07
Spirit weapon equip
Posted By: Yawgmoth21
Since the 2.3 patch Envoction no longer goes off spirit regen. So you could remove this from this addon making it less memory intensive. Just a helpful thought. If you already thought about this, sweet I can't wait to get the update.