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File: hud03-20-09
Great work ! I never liked huds .....
Posted By: Rabenblut
Great work ! I never liked huds ... but this one is really awesome ! On my german client, I canīt modify all bars / texts. Modifiing Target for example doesnīt show up.
File: CursorCastbar01-09-09
As a raidhealer I really love this...
Posted By: Rabenblut
As a raidhealer I really love this addon ! Iīm always focused on my raidframes and now I can see my GCs and Casts directly in my line of sight. Thanks for your fantastic work!
File: Bagnon11-23-08
Always open
Posted By: Rabenblut
Hi there, at first: Thanks for this great addon and for your fantastic work ! Is there a chance to include an "always-open-button" or something like that which keep my bags open when pressing ESC ? Iīm playing on 2x 24" Monitors and want my bags always to be on the second screen. I hate it that I always have to reopen my...
File: MoveAnything10-22-08
At first I have to say that I love...
Posted By: Rabenblut
At first I have to say that I love this addon and thank you for your fantastic update-work :) MoveAnything is part of my Interface for years ... and since I use a screenresolution of 3840x1200 with 2 screens its probably the only addon I couldnīt live without ;) (I guess there is no other addon that can move the Zoning-Text ^^)...