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File: SocketAssistant12-28-08
Having Errors
Posted By: Comicus
I just started having errors showing up: : SocketAssistant-1.1\SocketAssistant.lua:119: attempt to get length of field '?' (a nil value) SocketAssistant-1.1\SocketAssistant.lua:86: in function `getGems' SocketAssistant-1.1\SocketAssistant.lua:62: in function `SocketAssistant_OnEvent' :"*:OnEvent":1: in function <:1>
File: Bagnon11-09-08
Error when used with Skillet
Posted By: Comicus
Whenever I open Skillet I get an error message in Chat --- LibPossessions-146: Unable to obtain items counts using Bagnon_Forever: Interface\AddOns\Bagnon_Forever\db.lua:315: Usage: GetItemInfo(itemID)|"name"|"itemlink"). Will no longer use that addon Does not do a report in BugGrabber. Skillet opens in Blizzard UI screen. I...
File: Bagnon10-22-08
Update on Screen lock
Posted By: Comicus
I disabled all addons but Bagnon and installed them one at a time. When I installed Auctioneer Suite 5.1.3662, which was the most recent update, my screen locked up when mousing over bank and bag icons. I have always used whatever the current version of Auctioneer was at the time, never woulda thunk it was the culprit !!!!!!...
File: Bagnon10-20-08
Lock ups
Posted By: Comicus
I use the same mods for all my characters at this time ( will do class setups when bugs are fixed =) ). When I open druid and look inside bags, he locks up mousing over icons. This does not happen when playing any other class. Weird !!!!!!! PS. I have used other bag programs with out lockups, but I really like Bagnon...
File: Auctioneer10-17-08
Error with 5.1.3625 Suite
Posted By: Comicus
I keep getting the following error: : Auc-Advanced-5.1.3625 (SnaggleTooth)\Modules\Auc-Util-SearchUI\SearcherSnatch.lua:411: ')' expected near 'link' --- I have not used the program except to open it and look. Didn't have any errors with previous version. UPDATE: Looked on their boards and they are aware of the probl...