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File: SlashGz02-20-11
"you should respect your guildies m...
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"you should respect your guildies more" Yes. Don't grats, at all. It's pointless spam. You shouldn't be in for the praise of others.
File: StatScore02-18-11
Thanks for the update. Is there any...
Posted By: jlrm365
Thanks for the update. Is there any chance of having them more often? Was it that you were busy or that wowhead just hadn't updated it's models in that time? I'd felt they (and this addon) were a bit off, for a while. The most useful feature is to see what's added and lost, so that's always there, but the weighting is nice to see...
File: ncExploreMap02-05-11
Mozz was chopping up the display of...
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Mozz was chopping up the display of my maps, so I disabled it. Fingers crossed this won't. In any case, it's good that it has lower consumption. Is there a colour overlay, to indicate which areas have been revealed - rather than explored?
File: BadBoy_Levels: Filter Whispers By Level10-29-10
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On its own /script BADBOY_LEVEL = 80 is a line that can form a macro. It used to be able to change the level, but doesn't any more. It now appears that, if a user does not want to enter /badboy and manually configure the level, a reload is required. The necessary lines now appear to be: /script BADBOY_LEVEL = 80 /reload...
File: Cellular10-19-10
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Like many others, I was a cellular fan. I did stop using the addon, when the clashes started to pop up quite a bit, but I was thrilled to see it come back. I'd never deleted my Cellular variable file, perhaps out of faith, so it was set up as I remember it. One thing I cannot remember is if I was able to lock the frame or not (...
File: Ignore Announce10-13-10
Whatever it says, will it see raids...
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Whatever it says, will it see raids as groups? By that, I mean will the addon tell you if someone on your ignored list joins a raid that you are in - even if placed into a different group (which is quite likely)?
File: Hide Minimap10-13-10
No worries. It might be good to kee...
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No worries. It might be good to keep it as a text command, as I can imagine that a button might mess up screen shots. Whatever works best / smallest.
File: Auctionator10-12-10
Update for 4.0
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An update was posted three hours ago, on curse. If you can bring yourself to use the competition, head on over. In the comments section of the addon, there at curse, Zirco discusses 4.0 and what it means for the addon. Hopefully, he'll realise that it's also hosted here and how much some users prefer to stick with wowinterfa...
File: Ignore Announce09-17-10
party / raid
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Will this see a raid as a "party" and tell you if an ignored person joins the raid? If so, would the text still say "party"? It wouldn't matter, as you'd know what you were in, but it's of interest. Thanks.
File: Hide Minimap09-15-10
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Is there a toggle option (type something - "/hm" for example - to hide / show the minimap)? If there isn't, and it wouldn't make the addon too fat, it would be nice to see. I need the minimap too often to hide it completely, but I'd certainly like to hide it sometimes. Thanks.
File: BadBoy_Levels: Filter Whispers By Level08-09-10
Levels in LUA?
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As setting BADBOY_LEVEL requires a script, does that mean it would have to be pressed on each account log-in? It also appears to block only general levels. Would changing BADBOY_LEVEL also change the threshold for blocking Death Knights, by an equivalent amount? In any case - because I am forgetful as much as anything else, I wo...
File: Aspect07-28-10
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This seems very handy, though I also need to use a mana warning addon. Do you have any plans to integrate that (warning when low and high on mana, to switch)? This would be a one-stop-aspect-shop then. Thanks.
File: TinyDPS07-20-10
Re: Threat
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Originally posted by ReverendD Any chance you will be adding Threat to this addon? I would love to keep using this one addon as I switch between tank and dps. Unless I am missing some part of its functionality. :) Thanks for the addon, loving it. Seconded. I'd like to use just this or this and a brother / sister addon, rather t...
File: Chatap07-04-10
I don't know if I am missing someth...
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I don't know if I am missing something, but this doesn't appear to show up in the addons list of either the wowinterface updater or WoW itself. I've looked through all of the addons I have and I cannot, despite that this addon is indeed in my interface folder - as it should be, see it. Any reason, that this might be happening?...
File: wBind06-11-10
useful / screenshot
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This looks like a very useful addon. As you have said, there is not much to configure. As a result, my question is about your screenshot, rather than the addon itself. Which addon are you using, to show addon usage (in other words, which addon is shown in the screenshot that has the caption "Look at that memory usage!"?)? T...
File: Cirk's Badapples - Fan Update05-17-10
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Thanks. Re updates, I hope that you can continue to keep it going.
File: Statscore - Hit Cap Fix05-07-10
Overwrite / Update
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This looks very useful. Its folder shares the same name as the folder of the original addon, so that raises two questions: In order to use it, we just extract the folder and drop it into Addons - overwriting as requested? Will the updater see this as the original addon and update accordingly?
File: SindyEasyMode05-04-10
Re: Cool~
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Originally posted by Kangdeokwon Hello. I'm weak at Enlgish. Thank you USEFUL Addon. DXE/DBM's marking function is disable. I'm understand. Bigwigs marking function is OK? if not, Bigwigs marking function is disable.and SindyEasyMode is directly marking? I'm so sorry, i am not good at english. ;( Have a nice day~!...
File: TourGuide05-02-10
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Originally posted by thefrogi So shameful that Zygor is trying/tried (not sure) to sue Dugi even when this addon has came back for everyone free to use. Hopefully this addon coming back will put this all to an end and we can go on leveling, raiding and getting uber excited about Cata. You don't appear to have all the facts....
File: WhoWhisperedMe?03-20-10
I end up doing who searches on rand...
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I end up doing who searches on random whispers all the time, so this was a nice discovery. It was obvious that you might not search friends and guild-mates, so it's good to have those exceptions.