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File: Dominos06-17-08
Very nice work :) Two question t...
Posted By: Trig
Very nice work :) Two question though : Do you plan to add a "one-bag" option ? And is it possible to add a option to not use buttonfacade ? i just love the bongos/dominos default skin, but i use buttonfacade along with my buff modů Or does simply commenting out "button facade support" in dominos.lua would work ?
File: Status Window 212-18-07
Originally posted by Satrina One...
Posted By: Trig
Originally posted by Satrina One question for whoever suggested a mail mod: I've been thinking about it after saying I'd do it... but what should it do? I mean, if you've opened your mailbox already you could list all the stuff in it and whatnot. If you haven't opened the mailbox yet, the only thing you really have access to is...
File: Status Window 212-14-07
Great mod ! :) Everything work fin...
Posted By: Trig
Great mod ! :) Everything work fine for me. Could you add add an option to modify the transparency of the panel and a mail module ?
File: SSArena Frames11-11-07
Great mod, party targets and click...
Posted By: Trig
Great mod, party targets and click actions are really handy :) Still have some errors popping during arena, but everything work fine (forgot to make a screenshot :[ ) keep up the good work ;p