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File: Golden Ticket09-21-09
After I create a ticket, I can't ab...
Posted By: Iwa Washi
After I create a ticket, I can't abandon it. If I left click the minimap button, all it does is open the text box. I can edit and save what was previously written but there is absolutley no intuitive way to abandon the ticket, once created using this mod. It also prevents you from deleting all the text to try and save a blank box...
File: CowTip 3.009-14-09
I like very much CowTip, so I playe...
Posted By: Iwa Washi
I like very much CowTip, so I played with the LUA files and I finally found out how to show that damn health bar for walls and doors. tc3, I salute you sir! Thanks for getting that to work. I was about to give up on this mod!
File: Satrina Buff Frames 302-04-09
Bug: Thrusting Hodir's Spear Daily Quest
Posted By: Iwa Washi
A word of caution: If you want a lot better chance of completing the Thrusting Hodir's Spear daily quest, then disable this mod first. It hides the counter on the grip icon.
File: Detached MiniMap Buttons10-31-08
Interferes with Tank Windows Dragged From Blizzard Raid Frame
Posted By: Iwa Washi
Love the mod, but I have encountered what I feel is a show-stopper when on raids. I used to use CTRaid Assist for tank windows. However, with the demise of that mod, all I have been doing is dragging tank names out of the Blizzard Raid Window, and setting them to show their target. However, with Detached Minimap Buttons active,...
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced10-30-08
Quote: Originally posted by Iwa Wa...
Posted By: Iwa Washi
Quote: Originally posted by Iwa Washi Removed the basic minimap button Why? 2 reasons: 1) The Fubar plugin will generate a minimap button that work exactly the same, even without FuBar installed 2) I am sick of dealing with people who install mods like Detached Minimap Buttons and then put in support requests when th...
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced10-30-08
Minimap button
Posted By: Iwa Washi
Removed the basic minimap button Why?
File: Dominos10-29-08
Quick Paging Not Quite Right
Posted By: Iwa Washi
Even if you select only one page for "quick paging", you still have to cycle the next bar function five times in order to finally switch to that page (and then a sixth time to cycle back to the original bar). Obviously the mod is still attempting to cycle through the other pages even though they have been disabled. This didn't happ...
File: Titan CritLine10-27-08
I like this mod and have been using...
Posted By: Iwa Washi
I like this mod and have been using it for awhile. However, one thing I find very frustrating is the fact that as a Hunter with multiple pets, it takes no time at all to fill up the screen with abilities to the point that I can neither see everything I want to see or even filter them out on the settings page as the view goes off the...
File: Fishing Ace!10-27-08
Fresh install. Auto-loot broken, a...
Posted By: Iwa Washi
Fresh install. Auto-loot broken, auto-lure broken...
File: Dominos10-26-08
Next Action Bar Function - Have To Click Too Much
Posted By: Iwa Washi
Using the pre-3.02 Dominos, I was able to configure the mod to cycle between just two bars with each press of my "next action bar" key bind. Now, I have to press the "next action bar" keybind 5 times to get that second bar to display, then a sixth time to go back to the first bar for a totaly of six keybind clicks to cycle between j...
File: Detached MiniMap Buttons10-15-08
Can't Detach Atlas Loot Enhanced
Posted By: Iwa Washi
Can't Detach the Atlas Loot Enhanced button post-patch with both mods updated (I could with the pre 3.0.2 versions). I can only slide it along the minimap. I posted on their comment section as well.
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced10-15-08
Won't Work With Detached Minimap Buttons Anymore
Posted By: Iwa Washi
Since the patch (with both mods updated), your minimap button is the only one that won't play nice with the Detached Minimap Buttons Mod (it did before the patch). I can't move it anywhere I want like I used to, other than to slide it along the minimap. I posted on the other mod's comment section as well.
File: Hunter Calculator07-15-08
How About Haste
Posted By: Iwa Washi
I've got quite a few pieces of gear with haste. Without that in the equation, it is difficult to make a valid comparision between those pieces and something else without Haste unless it is added as a variable next to Agility, Crit, and AP. How hard would it be for you to implement Haste?
File: Titan Panel01-30-08
Two Possible Issues
Posted By: Iwa Washi
Since I installed the new Titan Panel: 1. My locked chat window insists on shifting down about a half inch to an inch or so. Even when I unlock it, put it back where it belongs, and relock it (both in the window and the interface option). It will shift back down within the next minute or so. 2. My Sorren Timers no longer di...
File: Nudge11-20-07
Can't Adjust Colors
Posted By: Iwa Washi
Though it technically works in 2.3, I've encountered a problem where you can not adjust the colors. Any attempt to do so will automatically render the color as "none" and it is then stuck as such. The only solution I found was to delete the .lua files, delete the mod, and then reinstall it to at least regain the default (though not...