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File: Archy - Archaeology Assistant01-02-12
in 4.3, I'm aware that Blizzard add...
Posted By: Gauri
in 4.3, I'm aware that Blizzard added the display of digsites to the minimap. They DIDN'T add them to the zone map. Archy used to this. Upon removing the code for the minimap display, you also removed the code for the Zone Map display of digsites. You might like to add it back. Please do add this back to archy - it was ho...
File: UI-tat12-01-11
archy issues
Posted By: Gauri
No rush, so don't drive yourself nuts trying to figure out the freeze issue. The archy thing is really a quality of life thing. And thanks so much for the quick reply. :)
File: UI-tat12-01-11
archy survey/distance color marker not showing...?
Posted By: Gauri
Thanks so much (so much that I can't put into words) for continuing this mod. I find the stock UI unplayable after having so much functionality and information available, and no other suite fits me and my playstyle right. Again, thank you! I've begun adjusting to carbonite (we are not friends yet but at least are on speaking ter...
File: Skillet01-05-11
window moved off screen, can't get it back
Posted By: Gauri
I accidentally (and with the "assistance" of lag) moved the skillet window up and away from the area visible on my screen. I can't figure out how to get it back to where I can actually use it. Help, please. :)
File: Combuctor09-07-09
Re: Re: Moving gold to bank....
Posted By: Gauri
Originally posted by Tuller I believe the answer to be: "you don't have separate gold containers for your inventory and bank" There are two displays in Combuctor, but that's mainly so you can see how much gold you have without having the inventory window open, say you're thinking about purchasing a bank slot. Thanks Tuller -...
File: Combuctor09-06-09
Moving gold to bank....
Posted By: Gauri
I am unable to figure out how to transfer gold from my bag into my bank in combuctor. Perhaps I am not looking at it right, or I am just continually having one of those "duh" moments when I try it. I have looked over many of the past forum posts but was not able to find an answer. Is there a way to put gold into the bank with...
File: NPCScan08-06-09
Thanks for a great mod.
Posted By: Gauri
Just like the subject says - thanks for this mod. It is such a time saver (it also saves my poor eyes from straining). And I was going to add those mods that drop the new raptors to my list, but you beat me to it. Thank you so very much! -from a crazed mount and pet collector
File: Fishing Buddy12-05-08
New Mastercraft Pole Compatiblility?
Posted By: Gauri
I just began using the new mastercraft pole from the Kalu'ak, and found that it didn't work with my old fishing mod. I downloaded this fishing mod with high expectations from the great reviews. But I am sad - the double click function does not work with my new shiny epic pole. I don't think I am doing something wrong (at 450 fis...
File: ArkiveUI05-13-08
General connection problems....
Posted By: Gauri
Hi All...I seem to be having a general disconnect problem since 2.4.2 with the addons. I dl'd the patch & then tried to enter the game with no success with the arkive ui loaded via the addon screen. However when I disable all addons, I'm able to connect. I know I'm not the only one having these problems as the WoW tech forum h...