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File: LightHeaded12-15-11
My issue with Lightheaded is not tr...
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My issue with Lightheaded is not truely with lightheaded at all, it has more to do with Wowhead and the comments posted there that Lightheaded draws from, most do not have pertinant info on the actual quest.
File: Dominos01-03-11
Faction Bar
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I have been looking for and finally come to the conclusion that there is no Faction bar. If any knows of one please let me know.
File: Ackis Recipe List11-23-10
Originally posted by tallulahkat...
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Originally posted by tallulahkat First off I want to thank you for having such an awesome addon! Second off a bug with the JC profession, is it showing recipes i already know in the list of "unknown" recipes. I too am having an issue like this with all trades, and yes I have been through the entire "Filter" and made sure I d...
File: Altoholic10-30-10
took me a bit to get used to the ne...
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took me a bit to get used to the new UI so far what I see I like...however I am having trouble linking professions into chat...I'm not getting an error message just no linking...I tried to show my engineers pane to a party member couldn't do it so I tried /guild and /say neither would work... I could however link my engineers items f...
File: Titan Panel10-14-10
Originally posted by @jgore9000:...
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Originally posted by @jgore9000: TitanItemDed is something I use as well so I get a similar error. When it happens, go to the area where your bar should be and right-click to bring up the Titan Panel menu. Navigate down to "Manage", "Profiles" and then load the defaults for the currently loaded character. Everything will immediatel...
File: Wintergrasper Advanced (w/Tol'Barad)10-11-10
Re: Re: Wont work at all for me
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Originally posted by theKarn you're probably using 2.50. use 2.01 as instructed in the big, colorful, warning on the front page. OK, then why have 2.50 IF it does not work? Is it a work in progress or set up for Cata or some OS system other than XP...what?
File: Wintergrasper Advanced (w/Tol'Barad)10-09-10
Wont work at all for me
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I downloaded it and got the window can access options per the /wg command but it remains blank no info...I thought well I need to do a BG then it will show...no luck so far...what am I doing wrong?:confused:
File: DagAssist09-22-10
Just a minor issue...
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Not really an issue more like a request. Would it be possible for the box to be movable I place some bars on the side under my mini-map and they get covered up by this addon, well not really covered up but all gets mixed up as as to make it difficult to see what you are clicking.
File: ElvUI09-14-10
Re: Re: Stupid question time
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Originally posted by Elv22 The install procedure i recommend is to put it inside Interface/Addons folder, if your reinstalling and in the notes I say make sure to do a clean install that means to remove any Tukui related addon folders from your addons folder and install it completely fresh, instead of overwriting whats already ther...
File: ElvUI09-14-10
Stupid question time
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Umm is this one where you delete the interface and wtf folders and then rename the wtf or do you just place it in the interface/addons folder?:o
File: Dominos09-14-10
Originally posted by Tuller Bars...
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Originally posted by Tuller Bars 7, 8, 9, and 10 are used for forms, stances, etc. You want to go into the right click menu for bar 1, and set every slider to disabled for your class. AHH HAA!!! I finally understand what you are saying...it is BAR ONE that is the culprit I was going insane...er working on the other bars.......
File: Dominos09-13-10
Originally posted by Tuller @oimm...
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Originally posted by Tuller @oimmuk: Nope @Aisenfaire: Nope, but I think Bartender4 has this feature. @oimmuk: http://code.google.com/p/tullamods/wiki/DominosAdvanced, specifically the section about "Changing What Buttons are Displayed on a Bar Under Certain Conditions (Paging)" My guess is that you're probably a Warrior,...
File: Dominos09-04-10
Bar 1 and bar 7 the same thing???
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Ok I decides to add another bar to my display and I opened bar 7...now it is an exact duplicate of bar one and no matter what I do if I move a button off 7 it removes it from 1...what the heck am I doing wrong??? Are there any other bars which mimic other bars that I should be aware of?
File: Dominos09-01-10
Experience/Faction Bar....
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Is there a method to have separate experience and faction bars?
File: Revelation03-11-10
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Did it again and I have V1.5.5 oh and thanks for the tip on how to do this: Date: 2010-03-11 12:22:52 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\Revelation\Revelation.lua line 456: bad argument #2 to 'format' (string expected, got nil) Debug: : ? : format() Revelation\Revelation.lua:456:...
File: Revelation03-10-10
Disenchant problem
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I tried to disenchant some items and got an error report from swatter but i do not know how to copy and post it here, nor where to look for the error report on my hard drives. I can get it all to highlight but copy is no go... enough on that I alt left clicked the item to DE, then got the error.. I tried another and it would n...
File: Altoholic02-25-10
Originally posted by Thaoky Alpha...
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Originally posted by Thaoky Alphas (=minor updates) are automatically generated on curseforge because they offer the repository & auto packaging features. "Release" packages are done manually every few weeks when enough changes have been done. They are packaged manually because their svn does not include the datastore modules (sepa...
File: Altoholic02-23-10
Originally posted by Thaoky Yes,...
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Originally posted by Thaoky Yes, it's fixed in the latest alpha on curseforge. Is Altoholic not being updated here anymore... I looked on Curseforge and found Recent files * A: r82 for 3.3.0 4 days ago * A: r81 for 3.3.0 4 days ago * A: r80 for 3.3.0 on 15 Feb 2010 * A: r79 for 3.3.0 on...
File: Altoholic02-11-10
Originally posted by Thaoky @Morp...
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Originally posted by Thaoky @Morpeusdead: Well, I've received help to fix the .pkgmeta on CF svn, and this problem *should* be fixed by now. I say should because I don't use (and don't intend to use) the curse client. From what I've been told, the latest CC has an option to download dependencies as well, so that shouldn't be a pro...
File: Bartender412-09-09
Shaman totum bar?
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Ok, I was one of the many who had a real problem with the Patch Tuesday and didn't get it up and running till toady. I redid my addons, and now for some reason I cannot get my Totum Bar which I had Monday, I looked and can find nothing in BT4 to support it... Was it just a fluke that I had it in the first place???:confused:
File: Lyran's Daily Quest Guide06-14-09
Originally posted by KiwiiDawn Ju...
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Originally posted by KiwiiDawn Just a side note if you have carbonite it will work with tourguide and you don't need the other addons. Thanks for your hard work :) Does this sddon need Tour guide or will it stand alone with Carbonite...I have tried tour guide in the past and trying to get it caught up to where I was was a P...
File: EquipCompare12-02-08
I too am having the same error pop...
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I too am having the same error pop up I clear it by reloading the UI works for a while until I check a Link in Chat then I get the error and it goes on from there.
File: Fizzwidget Hunter's Helper03-28-08
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I keep getting bugs from this Program and am uncertain as to what to do every time I click on a skill it shows the skill name but will not change in the upper section and it then pops up an error report, but I do not know how to copy it so that I may post it here. Over all though since I downloaded this addon I have really enjoyed i...