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File: ArkInventory04-15-09
Re: Re: Nice!
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Originally posted by arkayenro open any window and click on the search icon (looks like a magnifying glass), that will allow you to search across all characters. Got ya, like the immediate refresh on every character I typed. May I suggest that it also include the character(s) name that owns the item? It would allow me to have a...
File: ArkInventory04-09-09
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Hi, I was previously using TBag and when I tested ArkInv, it looks awesome and much more tidy. However, I miss the part where you can search items through different characters. The way I see it in ArkInv is you would need to switch char (in ArkInv) to find the item? Thanks.
File: AuctionLite03-29-09
Nice addon so far! It would be g...
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Nice addon so far! It would be great to be able to store historical search item list. Like if I've search infinite dust before, it would be great to have some scroll down button next to the search box for me use it to search for frequently searched item instead of typing it again and again. Just something I wish to see. Thanks.
File: MalygosCP02-16-09
Hi Orgo, I think you left out th...
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Hi Orgo, I think you left out the parent folder in the zip file.
File: Bartender401-07-09
Originally posted by Gildelas I l...
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Originally posted by Gildelas I love Bartender 4 because of the versatility of the buttons, except that I have a small bug that occurs whenever I log off. Every time I log off a character and log back on my bars get shifted and mashed together in the bottom left hand side of my screen. Don't know whats causing it and I have searc...
File: GloryNow12-31-08
Hi, Nice looking and easy for br...
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Hi, Nice looking and easy for browsing achievements. Just a note that after opening it, I cant drag the window to move it as it sometimes block my view or cant close through the "X" (gotta type /glory again to close it). An enhancement to this would be to display a counter on a boss/mod that start an achievement event? It wo...