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File: Ara Broker Guild Friends01-16-12
Re: Skinner and the guild XP bar?
Posted By: Aranarth
@Aphelion78: Not sure if it's of any help but the global name for the XP bar is "ABGF_XPBar". It's created using the following Blizzard's template: "GuildProgressBarTemplate". You can find its definition in Blizzard_GuildUI.xml.
File: Ara Broker Money12-03-11
By the way, I have lots of unfinish...
Posted By: Aranarth
By the way, I have lots of unfinished versions to share. IIRC the money one was splitting money between faction successfuly in most cases and I was in final test phase and working on display options and tiny details for quality release. For those adventurous enough, you can try it at your own risk (save your config file before ?): Ar...
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends11-30-11
@Eincrou: I canceled my account...
Posted By: Aranarth
@Eincrou: I canceled my account 5 month ago so I can't help much. But it seems you don't have the last version: I don't have the same lines as in your error. Hope this helps.
File: Ara Broker Tradeskills11-08-11
My plugins are no longer maintained...
Posted By: Aranarth
My plugins are no longer maintained/developped as I don't have a WoW account anymore. Sorry. :( Also, note that there's alot of broken timers & features. :o Better look for an alternative.
File: Ara Broker XP08-01-11
Re: Slight bug when at less than 5% XP left to go
Posted By: Aranarth
@Taryble: Thank you for pointing that issue :) it's now fixed. It was a typo with the "|4" syntax. Here is a better format string exemple: "%i |4mouse:mice;". As you have probably already guessed, it's a singular/plural selector: it looks at the preceding number (the argument provided for "%i") and if it's greater than 1 it di...
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends07-23-11
Re: How can i put this on Elvui Datatext
Posted By: Aranarth
@lcolpas: You're probably looking for registered LDB object names. They are "|cFFFFB366Ara|r Guild" and "|cFFFFB366Ara|r Friends". Sorry for using color coding. @Jzar: Can you point me to the API in charge of this ? I stopped playing WoW and don't have much time digging into this. :(
File: Ara Broker Reputations Alts07-16-11
@martinboy: Yes. The older r2 li...
Posted By: Aranarth
@martinboy: Yes. The older r2 linked below should have been labelled b2 instead. My bad. :p
File: Ara Broker Reputations Alts07-13-11
@martinboy: Aww I'm sorry, I ove...
Posted By: Aranarth
@martinboy: Aww I'm sorry, I overlooked the part with the Alliance Vanguard. A fixed version will be posted shortly. Thank you for your help.
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends07-08-11
Re: Clash with Calendar?
Posted By: Aranarth
@Hhoky: Aww I thought it was fixed since r41 ._. Until I investigate that issue, please consider using Addon Loader: it fixed that issue for most ppl.
File: Ara Broker Reputations Alts07-05-11
Re: display addon
Posted By: Aranarth
Thank you martinboy, I think I found the issue. The following version should work correctly, but you will have to log alts again before seeing anything. :( http://aranarth.pagesperso-orange.fr/wow/addons/Ara_Broker_Reputations_Alts-r2.zip
File: Ara Broker WeaponBuffer07-03-11
@khurzog: I haven't used this ad...
Posted By: Aranarth
@khurzog: I haven't used this addon for a long time so I didn't check. I will try to post an update today.
File: Ara Broker Reputations Alts06-29-11
Can you post your config files plea...
Posted By: Aranarth
Can you post your config files please ? Either put them on a host site or copy/paste the content in tag. These files are: - WTF\Account\ACCOUNT_NAME\SavedVariables\Ara_Broker_Reputations.lua - WTF\Account\ACCOUNT_NAME\SavedVariables\Ara_Broker_Reputations_Alts.lua Also, what display addon are you using ? (DockingStation, Cho...
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends06-28-11
Originally posted by MysticalOS p...
Posted By: Aranarth
Originally posted by MysticalOS patch 4.2 is now how ad realid code stillnot fixed :( i fixed it, there is a new arg local hasFocus, toonName, client, realmName, realmID, faction, race, class, guild, zoneName, level, gameText, broadcastText, broadcastTime = _G.BNGetToonInfo(id) Sorry for the hassle, and thank you for the...
File: BagSync06-28-11
CPU optimization
Posted By: Aranarth
Hello, I was wondering if you could replace HookScript stuff with insecure hooks. The way tooltips work combined with the huge overhead of secure hooks makes this addon use 10 times more CPU than required, and so far tooltip scripts don't need to be secure. You will just have to comment your HookTip function and the following 2 ca...
File: Ara Broker Reputations Alts05-26-11
Re: Hovering...no tooltip
Posted By: Aranarth
Originally posted by lwoodya I am hovering but no info shows up. I got ABR v 10 and this today. Also the code in ABR v10 is still not fixed to stop guild rep from always showing instead of the faction you are gaining rep with. Have you logged at least 2 characters and hovered a faction they have in common ? The ABR v10 bug wil...
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends05-16-11
@Viceversa: I haven't looked int...
Posted By: Aranarth
@Viceversa: I haven't looked into PTR yet, but my first thought is that I try to get guild and/or (real)friends informations too quickly, so that's the first thing I would like to rule out. Please, add Addon Loader to your PTR addons and see if it's better, or at least gives errors instead of a complete game crash. @Morgalm:...
File: Ara Broker Reputations05-16-11
Is there any improvements with this...
Posted By: Aranarth
Is there any improvements with this beta version ? I'm working on a little module for this addon and on other addons like finishing horde/alliance separation for broker money (tougher than I thought).
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends05-07-11
@MagoKimbra: Oops! Thank you for...
Posted By: Aranarth
@MagoKimbra: Oops! Thank you for pointing the issue! It was a change meant for another addon and I mixed them. :eek:
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends05-05-11
I think I found what's causing the...
Posted By: Aranarth
I think I found what's causing the "loss" of calendar events: when Blizzard's Guild addon is loaded before calendar, no guild events are added.
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends05-04-11
Re: Re: Odd Issue, Calendar Entries Gone
Posted By: Aranarth
About the calendar issue: I can't replicate and I don't have any clue of what could cause this strange behavior. Where's the link ?
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends05-03-11
@MysticalOS: That's alot of tain...
Posted By: Aranarth
@MysticalOS: That's alot of taints. :o I know the Blizzard bug with the glyph frame that blames all addons using StaticPopups, but not this. Please try replacing: local orgGuildRoster = GuildRoster GuildRoster = function(...) guildTimer = 0 return orgGuildRoster(...) end local orgShowFriends = ShowFriends ShowFrie...
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends05-03-11
r40 should fix all your reported is...
Posted By: Aranarth
r40 should fix all your reported issues (but the weird taint issue I can't reproduce). I also added a "remoted guild chat indicator". Right now it supersede regular status, but I will improve it in next release, using different colors for the mobile indicator. That feature also lack testing. :p Separated public comments and off...
File: Ara Broker SpecSwitcher05-02-11
@SmuvMoney: Thanks for your deta...
Posted By: Aranarth
@SmuvMoney: Thanks for your detailed report. It should be fixed quickly. @thebadmf: The delay is probably related to the issue SmuvMoney reported and should be fixed quickly. And for the huge size, it's also fixed (it will appear small when moving from r9 to r10 if you scaled it down.
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends02-20-11
@Petrah: Latest version fixes th...
Posted By: Aranarth
@Petrah: Latest version fixes these errors. :) @ForeverTheGM: Looks like I don't have the version of Skinner you have. I just need to reloadui when I set then remove the TipTac skin. Also, Skinner gives me an error about a status bar it is trying to skin. Not sure what to do about it.
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends02-08-11
@Naem: I don't have 4.0.6 yet no...
Posted By: Aranarth
@Naem: I don't have 4.0.6 yet nor installed PTR to test :o but I changed the xp bar code to make it safer. I hope it will fix the error you're having. @ForeverTheGM: I haven't used Skinner in a while. Does it overwrite TipTac own skin ? If so, I guess that this broker properly skin like TipTac would if there was no Skinner...