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File: Mapster12-16-10
Originally posted by joshmiller83...
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Originally posted by joshmiller83 There is actually a Keybind that works for this. Its right near the Map option. You can have Open Map set to M and then another key which I use Shift+M to change map sizes. Its a Keybind that is in the Defualt UI. Very Handy. :) Never noticed that. Works perfectly. Thanks!
File: Mapster12-15-10
I love this addon, thanks a lot for...
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I love this addon, thanks a lot for making it! Would it be possible to add slash commands to toggle between the minimized map and regular map? The button to switch between them is very small and difficult to click on when it's minimized. I'd like to be able to put it in a macro or otherwise make it easier to switch back and forth.
File: IceHUD12-14-10
Parnic, could you put the textures...
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Parnic, could you put the textures you use in to a texture pack for SharedMedia, or help me figure out how to modify them? Particularly, I would like to be able to use the status bar textures in other addons in addition to Ice Hud but run in to problems because you've got them oriented vertically instead of horizontally in .blp forma...
File: Threat Plates12-13-10
The release notes and version detai...
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The release notes and version details say that it should be 4.1-b at the moment but when I download the file I am getting 4.0-b. Has there been a mixup somewhere?
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)05-13-10
text patterns
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First of all, great addon, thanks a lot for writing this for us! edit: found the answer I was looking for.