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File: Advanced Trade Skill Window09-02-08
Resetting ATSW
Posted By: nanatoana
I have changed profs on a couple toons, but ATSW still lists the items that were in the queue way before I changed profs. Anyone know how I can reset/refresh my data?
File: LightHeaded07-09-08
Love this Add-on!
Posted By: nanatoana
Thank you for all your hard work---this is a great add-on that even the die-hard "not gonna use add-ons" in my guild are beginning to use because it is so helpful! I have a question though; you said to delete previous versions before installing this one and any data add-ons that may be laying around. I use QuestGuru--that isn't wha...
File: Spellcraft05-01-08
First, let me say that I LOVE this...
Posted By: nanatoana
First, let me say that I LOVE this add-on. I only have a couple of questions. I get an internal bag error when I try to buy reagents for my priest---and the error does not happen every time, so its probably a user error. My second question is "I know this is working with the latest patch (2.4), but is there any plans to update thi...
File: CTMod03-25-08
Sunwell Update
Posted By: nanatoana
They have an updated version for WoW ver 2.4 on their official site. :banana: