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File: Deconstructive05-04-09
The blacklist thing should be easy...
Posted By: High Five
The blacklist thing should be easy enough, expect it soon. The other feature shouldn't be too hard, either but pick-up scripts tend to be weird sometimes (at least in my experience). I'll see what I can do.
File: Deconstructive04-30-09
Re: Prospecting macro not working
Posted By: High Five
Weird... I'll investigate. edit: I think the issue was concatenating nil. Should be fine now.
File: Deconstructive04-26-09
Re: Needs to be a tiny bit smarter
Posted By: High Five
Thanks! Blacklisting options added with the latest update.
File: CasterWeaponSwapper07-17-08
Thank You ! for updating it for...
Posted By: High Five
Thank You ! for updating it for 2.4.3 <3
File: BuyDropper03-29-08
I noticed something today. Whenever...
Posted By: High Five
I noticed something today. Whenever you sell an item that is on your buy list to a vendor that has it, the addon buys it, spending your money instead of getting it back from the buyback window thingy. I'd love to see that changed, I'm losing serious money here.