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File: SSPVP311-08-08
I also have a problem with PvP obje...
Posted By: Feleye
I also have a problem with PvP objectives anchor changing position with each UI reload. I have tried running this addon alone, but the problem persists even then. From my reckoning it has something to do with default UI scaling. If I disable UI scaling in Blizzard UI, everything is all right. But if I scale my UI down, then proble...
File: Spellbreak04-09-08
Spellbreak issues with SW Stats
Posted By: Feleye
When I use this addon with SW Stats turned on, most of spellbreak bars, after counting back to zero, instead of disappearing they go into infinite loop, counting down from one hour. That's really very annyoing, especially as there is no way to maunally 'kill' any bar. Here is bug report from Swatter addon (note that disabling SW_Uni...