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File: SimBar skin for TidyPlates03-31-10
Originally posted by OttoDeFe Sor...
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Originally posted by OttoDeFe Sorry to take a bit to respond, but they look about how I set them up. The critter plates are smaller yet. One thing you could try is to modify the bar texture a bit to make it thicker. I might have time f you let me know, but I've moved to re-skinning the default plates and it could take me a bit t...
File: SimBar skin for TidyPlates03-28-10
Am I missing something?
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I am loving the look of this mod from the screenshots provided, however I think something is wrong. I am not getting any error messages but the bars seem kinda small: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v479/diablo0813/WoWScrnShot_032810_135707.jpg I would just like to make them a little bit bigger. I've tried about a milli...