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File: SLDataText09-17-17
Mail Sound Error
Posted By: buzzman
Easy fix for the error in the "Mail" element. \Elements\mail.lua Line 96 from: PlaySound("AuctionWindowOpen") to: PlaySound(5274) Blizzard has changed the way PlaySound() works.
File: Minimal Archaeology12-07-14
Re: Re: Development
Posted By: buzzman
The development of Minimal Archaeology will continue over at Curse. Look there for any updates! Is it hard to post updates here on WowInterface? Or something prevent you from doing this? You don't like people using your addon, perhaps? Here's the link since the author doesn't have it anywhere on his page: http://www.curse.com/...
File: Ackis Recipe List12-06-10
You can remove the "BUGGED" flag fr...
Posted By: buzzman
You can remove the "BUGGED" flag from "Glyph of Mage Armor". I was now able to learn it from Professor Pallin in Dala
File: DoTimer08-05-09
Re: Solution for seeing full raids debuffs in dotimer
Posted By: buzzman
Originally posted by seldric There is a workaround available for the problem of seeing EVERY debuff listed on dotimer. I am not the person who discovered this, but I am just sharing what I found. 1. Open Interface\Addons\DoTimer\DoTimer\core.lua 2. Search for "testIsMine" 3. make it look like this: local f...
File: SLDataText10-23-08
If you are having trouble getting t...
Posted By: buzzman
If you are having trouble getting the latest download working, in the .TOC, change the "##Interface:" number to "30000". The patch level is 3.02 but the interface is still 30000