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File: bUnitFrames07-26-13
Re: Re: Re: Re: bunitframe
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Havent heard from u for awhile youst checking whats happening with the auras error no rush youst checking??
File: bUnitFrames07-14-13
Re: Re: bunitframe
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Message: Interface\AddOns\bUnitFrames\aurabars.lua:92: attempt to index field 'spellSchools' (a nil value) Time: 07/14/13 16:49:17 Count: 1 Stack: Interface\AddOns\bUnitFrames\aurabars.lua:92: in function Interface\AddOns\bUnitFrames\aurabars.lua:166: in function
File: bUnitFrames07-13-13
Posted By: killeralpha
Your addon is listen under out of date addon so it is still not usable as working as i was onm to ogrimmar and when into portal at honeydew village to get to org and got an error with bunitframe so its still not working perfectly its still listed as red under warcraft addons
File: SilverDragon05-11-13
About silverdragon
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I have looked on the addons options but there is no way of hiding the minimap button how can i dot it?
File: xanChat04-01-13
Re: Re: Re: Re: escuse me
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I mean there could be an option to set if noone is typing to have the box transparent and a second option to have it set as if ur in combat it could be set to transparent and then fade back when ur out of it. But its the first who is the firstmost as i want everything as minimalistic as possible!! /killeralpha
File: xanChat03-31-13
Re: Re: escuse me
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I take that as a consolidation to think about the next time i speak to anyone to wait ok. Im so sorry for being so rude. /killeralpha
File: xanChat03-30-13
escuse me
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I cant see the reason of being ignored when asking nice and polite questions about your addon can u please respond with an proper answer how can i fade out the chat!! /killeralpha
File: xanChat03-30-13
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Still no reply hmm add an option to fade out the chat window when noone is typing in chat window! /killeralpha
File: xanChat03-29-13
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I want to fade the window when there is noone saying anything how can i do that? killeralpha
File: bUnitFrames03-28-13
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That was for petbattle to show not in combat i meant to hide the unitframe!!
File: bUnitFrames03-27-13
about your unitframe
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I am not good at lua i saw a code to hide the unitframe but i dont know how to do it so if either i can get some directions or someone could send me a file of it. Can I hide the play frame if not in combat? - yes, modify a statedriver values show;hide its youst how to this im after killeralpha
File: dMinimap 310-21-12
Minimap question
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I love your minimap really do but i have never liked the quest tracker at all is there some way of hiding it? /killeralpha
File: ProcWatch04-03-10
downloading procwatch
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When i try to download procwatch i click download and it creates a new window from wowinterface and i get returned to the page where you see the information about your addon why cant i download it?