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File: Talent Planner06-01-08
Problems with v2.11
Posted By: kellewic
Just installed the mod and went to check it out. The left-click and right-click does nothing in my Warlock's Affliction tab. It actually works on the other 2 tabs. CTRL-Left-Click worked to buy an item.
File: Status Window 206-01-08
Mana Regen Frame
Posted By: kellewic
The Mana Regen module won't take $2 or $3 as valid. I keep getting the error, "StatusWindow Error: element '$2' does not exist for module Mana Regen" The Health Regen one worked no problem. Any ideas? Thanks. I'm hoping to replace most of my Fubar mods with this one; it's a lot lighter weight and I can move stuff where I...