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Imax1967 07-13-20 03:37 PM

Add On?
Does anyone know what the Addon in Realui is called, that plays a sound when a rare is found? It also puts up a pop up window of what rare it is? Also it pops up and plays a sound when a chest is found

Grumpyrowley 07-14-20 04:48 PM

I wasn't aware that RealUI had such an option but would be keen to know more if it does.

I use rarescanner with offers the functionally you mentioned in your query.

Imax1967 07-15-20 03:32 PM

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It has something to do with the folder RealUI. As you can see by the screen shots. It pops up at the top and the minimap. It plays a sound with those popups. It only happens when you come across it on the minimap. So some mod is scanning the minimap inside that RealUI folder, but I dont know what it is

Imax1967 07-15-20 03:47 PM

Is Gethe still around? Was curious if RealUI was still gonna be a thing come Shadowlands?

Sidew 07-15-20 04:28 PM

That what u asked for is WoW intern information with RealUi optic.

The popup and the sound also will be there , when u play with standard blizz UI.

Imax1967 07-15-20 04:31 PM

Not to sound stupid but what is realuioptic? I turned off all mods, just because I was curious and no notication happened or a pop up

Sidew 07-15-20 04:54 PM

k maybe i explain it wrong,

If an Event or an Vignette were shown in Minimap, what also happen without any extern Addon,
a small part in RealUi bring that on the screen as Notification.

When i were not wrong, it should be the EventNotifier Module in the RealUi Module Folder.

Imax1967 07-15-20 06:31 PM

Ok so lets say I wanted those options for another UI how and what would I pull out from Real UI to use it?

Seerah 07-16-20 12:07 PM

If you want it in another UI, just use an addon to do it. SilverDragon is one example:

Gethe 07-16-20 01:54 PM

As Sidew mentioned, it is from the EventNotifier module. Options are in /realadv -> UI Tweaks -> EventNotifier

And yes, RealUI will be continuing into Shadowlands. I've already received an invite, and will be updating for the new expansion when addons are enabled later on.

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