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Tonyleila 11-14-14 05:49 AM

Garrison Follower % display
When you send your Follower on a Mission in your Garrison you have to drag and drop them into the slots to check how high the win chance of the Mission is. Now its a bit hard to decide what follower shoud go an what misson and whats the best chance to win as many as possible.
So is it (easy?) possible to show the % bonus a follower in your list gives for the current misson?

Or even better but I guess very complicated and AddOn to auto calculates and selects the right team mebers for all your current mission. Problem with this is that may be that many followers have special characteristic e.g.:
- Epic Mount Cuts the misson time by 50% = very usfull for 10h missons
- gives 35% extra EP for all Follower group members = use one only in a group with a quest that gives extra XP
- Increases success chance when on a mission with ---race---.

Seerah 11-14-14 02:25 PM

It's pretty complicated. Let's take the followers who perform better if there is a certain race on the team for the mission. Follower A might add 35% to the success rate, Follower B adds 35% and Follower C adds 20%.

That's a 90% success rate.

However, because you picked Follower D over Follower C (D only adds 15%), but D is also a Draenei and Follower A and B both like to work with Draenei, then Follower A and B are both now worth 40%.

That makes it a 95% success rate (instead of 85%).

*These numbers were totally made up, btw.

Nibelheim 11-14-14 02:52 PM

Racist followers? Not in MY garrison! :p

Tonyleila 11-14-14 04:53 PM


Originally Posted by Seerah (Post 300428)
That makes it a 95% success rate (instead of 85%).
*These numbers were totally made up, btw.

Ya for the first it woud be enoth to show next to a follower how much he adds if I only add this one follower.
The group bonus coud be fixed later by reading out what special characteristic your followers have.


Originally Posted by Nibelheim (Post 300429)
Racist followers? Not in MY garrison! :p

Damn it loled so hard :D

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