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jostor 07-19-16 02:45 AM

GetWorldPVPAreaInfo() doesn't work well anymore
The function GetWorldPVPAreaInfo() which is used to get information about Tol Barad and Wintergrasp doesn't seem to be working correctly anymore. The isActive flag (3rd return variable) isn't correct, I see it as true all the time even when the battle isn't active, and the start time is always set to 0, even when the function is ran from the same continent as Tol Barad (for example from Stormwind). Previously it was always work correctly except from inside instances where it would just return nil to indicate malfunctioning.

ebonyfaye 07-19-16 11:10 AM

If i rember right on beta/ptr the tol and wg battles nerver start.

jostor 07-29-16 02:29 AM

The same is happening on live servers now.

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