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yoshimo 07-04-18 10:38 AM

Blame the addon sending messages to the wrong channel
Every now and then i stumble upon an addon that tries to use SendAddonMessage with the wrong channel as argument. This results in "you aren't in a party/raid/.." being printed repeatedly by the game.

I think there once was an addon that hooked this function and called out the offender, but the memory is too vague and i can't find it anymore.
My chatlogs also do no longer have a lua snippet of the same function.
Does anyone remember what we used back then?

Xrystal 07-04-18 04:53 PM

A simple addon search on this site for the word Addon in the title and 3 pages down found this one.

It sounds like it will do what you want even if it isn't the one you were talking about. Otherwise, do a search and see if the one you recall jumps out at you.

yoshimo 07-07-18 05:37 AM

Something like that yea. Needs a little work though as 5.0.4 has changed the api a little bit.
More specifically but it didn't show up on the initial search

yoshimo 09-09-18 05:59 AM

Since the API changed quite drastically how would i update the checks of YAIAP for modern bfa api?

yoshimo 10-26-18 02:18 AM

would this be equivalent to the old code?


        if (chl == "raid" and IsInRaid() == 0) or (chl == "party" and IsInGroup() == 0) or (chl == "guild" and IsInGuild() == 0) or (chl == "battleground" and UnitInBattleground("player") == nil) then

Xrystal 10-26-18 02:46 AM

Does it not work as it is then as it is ?

As far as I know the party/raid/battleground etc tests haven't changed by name so should be the same as it is now.

If it is not reporting any error then it should work as it always did.

If it is reporting errors, then identifying the cause of the errors will help you identify what needs to be changed.

yoshimo 10-26-18 09:21 AM

It won't work if i leave it unchanged because 5.04 removed the api calls.
If i do my changes, it doesn't seem to catch any addon but there are still error messages, that hint at addons using the wrong channel. I assume i made a mistake

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