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Grogir 02-25-19 07:41 PM

Notepad++ highlighting & completion, LuaWoW 2019 edition
Hey everyone,
For people who don't use Sublime text and Resike's plugin, it's been now a few years since Merah stopped updating his project, so I decided to take it over and share the work if this can be useful to anyone.

New features :
- updated highlighting for new functions/tables (extracted from resike's repo, props to him)
- functions, tables & event autocomplete
- lua, wow api & ui documentation included (extracted from online doc)
- x64 version (the old one was 32-bit only)
- dark themes

Autocomplete example

Doc example (theme 2)

Doc example (theme 3)

Download :

Setup : unzip the content inside your Notepad++ folder
(note that Notepad++ directory tree changed recently, please use the last version)

Other remarks :
I will update the plugin frequently (actually the process is automatic, everyone can do it), but don't expect a lot more features. However if people request plugins for other script editors like the ones Merah used to maintain I can try to give it a look, it should be quite easy.

siweia 03-04-19 10:33 PM

How to switch to the dark theme as same as you post?

Grogir 03-05-19 06:20 PM


Originally Posted by siweia (Post 331632)
How to switch to the dark theme as same as you post?

Hey, you're right, I forgot to talk about this.

Afaik there here is no simple way to switch themes with a custom lexer... So you have to open Notepad++\plugins\config\LuaWoW.xml and change the name of the style you want to LuaWoW while setting the original theme to another name (lines 28, 48 & 67). Then restart the editor.

You should be using a Notepad++ dark theme already before switching to a LuaWoW dark theme : I'm not redefining the default text and background colors.

Resike 03-05-19 06:47 PM

I want to implement this argument context based tooltips with their API description so badly for Sublime, but it's not that trivial there.

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