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tordenflesk 10-16-20 10:39 AM

Fixing crusty old chat addon, Lynchat for 9.0
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As you might see I've done the generic " add "BackdropTemplateMixin and "BackdropTemplate")" to createframe" that seems to fix a lot of my aging addons, but in this case it didn't change anything. Seemingly, the only function of the addon that doesn't work is stripping some edit-box highlighting

1x LynChat2\window.lua:257: attempt to call method 'SetBackdrop' (a nil value)
[string "@LynChat2\window.lua"]:257: in function <LynChat2\window.lua:190>
[string "@LynChat2\window.lua"]:302: in function `StyleTheChat'
[string "@LynChat2\window.lua"]:321: in main chunk

addon files attached.

Rilgamon 10-16-20 10:45 AM

Take a look at this post might help you.

tordenflesk 10-16-20 12:19 PM

I've seen that, Unfortunately I don't have a clue where to put that.

Fizzlemizz 10-16-20 01:01 PM

Presumably window.lua line 256 (just before the line causing the error by calling xx:Setbackdrop(...))

if not xxx.SetBackdrop then
    Mixin(xxx, BackdropTemplateMixin)

xxx being whatever the frame name is in the code.

tordenflesk 10-16-20 11:38 PM

This worked:

        if not editbox.SetBackdrop then
                Mixin(editbox, BackdropTemplateMixin)

Thank you.

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