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ezarra 11-28-12 07:59 PM

"New Version" notice when there isn't
I downloaded the latests Carbonite this morning, installed it, downloaded the 5.1 patch, logged in (enabling out of date addons), and about 60-120 seconds after logging in, I got a notice that there was a new version of Carbonite.


Rythal 11-28-12 08:38 PM

yeah, some how people are still getting 5.058 and I haven't figured out how or where

At first I thought maybe it was my beta builds, but I just looked at all the code for version checking and it's in place to ignore any "test" builds so that's not triggering it.

I'm definately updating the message to say what version it detected as a trigger to the message.

ezarra 11-29-12 08:32 AM

I've only downloaded it from here since you took over officially.

Ited 11-29-12 09:44 AM

I am also getting the "New Version" notice. I was running 5.057 then upgraded to 5.058 when it was posted. I reverted to 5.057 when you said to do so.
I also only get my carbonite downloads from here.

When are you going to fix and upload with the new TOC file for 5.1 compatability?

Wyldekat 11-29-12 10:32 AM

I think my "Wowmatrix" is triggering the New Carbonite Available message. When I update with it, it's still trying to get me to update to the 5.058. :cool:

mjumnito 11-29-12 01:06 PM

Experience has show me that wowmatrix tend to not be as up to date as curse and WoWI. I would guess that is whats happening

Rythal 11-29-12 01:55 PM

that would explain it if they mined the update from here on WoWI during the couple hours it was up.

thranwardk 11-29-12 07:08 PM

when will be up?
just wondering its been awhile since i posted anywhere i cant live with out this addon, when will it be up to use again ... also any chance you can get it to where its showing colors again for genreal area where the mobs you need to farm for quests

Rythal 11-29-12 08:40 PM

there is a beta version of the update available you can use if you must have it now.

Thrumbar 12-02-12 07:13 PM

Carbonite addon check the version using the global channel it makes in game (privacy & Com in options). If there is a version on a player that is newer than the one you have then is flags you for an update.

I guess someone had the file that was pulled running when you were on...

CARBONITE version 5.059 of CARBONITE is available
CARBONITE Visit for an update

This is what I am getting from NxCom.lua file.

Line 1910 and beyond


Catitude 12-12-12 09:53 PM

New Version notice

Originally Posted by Thrumbar (Post 270086)
CARBONITE version 5.059 of CARBONITE is available
CARBONITE Visit for an update

I've been getting this same notice constantly even tho I'm running the newest Beta...

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