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Irishbruin 11-23-05 04:56 PM

Mana and Health Bars
I am taking my first steps into UI Mods, thanks to all the great tutorials.

The trouble I have recently run into is locating the XML files that are associated with the Mana and Health bars.

I have looked all over the forums for some kind of reference but just can not seem to find it. If someone would be kind enough to point me in the right direction I would be very grateful.

Thanks again
Irish 60 Priest Whisperwind

Gello 11-23-05 05:10 PM

Grab the blizzard UI extractor if you haven't:

I forget the terminology but it has two buttons: artwork and something else (code? ui?)

Extract the "something else" and it will put the FrameXML folder and all its files in your Interface folder. Then you can read them. The health/mana bars come from PlayerFrame, PartyFrame (see PartyFrameTemplates.xml) and TargetFrame.

If you open PlayerFrame.xml you'll find PlayerFrameHealthBar about 2/3 the way down.

Oh you can view the files at too

Cairenn 11-23-05 05:12 PM

Hey Gello? Come play in the channel with the rest of us!

*poke* *poke*

Irishbruin 11-23-05 05:16 PM

Thanks Gello

and it is great hearing from you again

Irish 60 Priest Whisperwind
aka Ialil

Gello 11-23-05 06:03 PM

hehe I did install that firefox plugin for IRC client someone posted on the wow forums. Even registered my name on freenode. But I'm too busy crashing my client right now lol I'll see if I get time later tonight.

edit: oh and heya Ialil!

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