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HeikoNephilim 10-14-08 12:28 AM

Warlock Demon Add-ons
I am currently a lvl 8 warlock and i have an imp but when i press the attack button he just stands there and says "Can we all get along here?" so when i want him to use his firebolt which is the only thing he does, i have to click on it every time.... Is there an add-on to make him cast on his own so i can continue doing my cast?

Any help is much appreciated

Nephilimus, thy warlock.:banana:

MidgetMage55 10-14-08 12:44 AM

With all pet skills they should be auto attacking with what they have if the skill is highlighted. To do this just right click the skill and it should get a neat marquee chasing light style effect. That will put it on auto.

HeikoNephilim 10-15-08 12:15 AM

oh alright, thank you i am a bit new to these warlocks :):D

Luciferul 11-12-08 08:09 AM

The Imp Fireball is not instantcast... you'll see it doing it ;)

shadowburn68 11-20-08 04:03 AM

Plus also once you have you fireball selected to auto attack the right click option you should also have you pet in defensive mode so he will start to auto attack what you attack u could have had him on passive as well and he will jus stand there till u tell him to attack

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