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Lybrial 12-11-20 11:55 PM

Ignore UIParent when /framestack

when I do /framestack the UIParent on MEDIUM frame starta is overlaying
all the ui elements on lower frame strata.

Is there a way to ignore the UIParent when doing /framestack?

Walkerbo 12-12-20 02:01 AM

Try CTRL+ALT, it should ignore cycle through frame elements.

Also, CTRL will bring up a frame attributes frame.

Lybrial 12-12-20 02:03 AM

Right! Thx!

Is it possible to set it to a different frame strata by default? So that it does not start with MEDIUM but with LOW for example?

Vrul 12-12-20 07:10 AM

LALT Cycles highest to lowest
RALT Cycles lowest to highest

Lybrial 12-12-20 07:18 AM

In my case both left alt and right alt do exactly the same. also it does not get saved.
I press right alt and it focuses the correct frame on frame strata low. I move my mouse
away from it so that UIParent on frame strata medium is the focus. I move back to the frame
on low frame strata and again I have the UIParent in focus.

So that does not work so well.

isnt there a way to simply ignore UIParent? I guess there must be. Quickly checked elvui.
Using /framestack there never focuses the UIParent.

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