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dspri 08-18-11 05:16 AM

Super Duper Macro
I have dl'ed Super Duper Macro however, I can not get it to work properly. When i type /sdm to get the interface to show it shows up but with greyed out boxes not allowing me to create any macro's. I was attempting to use a macro that was greater than the 255 standard amount. Can any one assist with how to get this addon to work properly or know one that I can use.


Nobgul 08-18-11 09:45 AM

I checked and there are several fixes. I am not sure if you need to download them and apply them one at a time or if the latest fix will fix it all, but that is something you will want to try. This may be why your addon is not working.

Seerah 08-22-11 04:12 PM

There's a fan update here - is this what you downloaded?

Also, is it possible that we can shorten your macro for you?

Aanson 09-03-11 03:45 AM

An alternative addon that allows HUGE macros is Macaroon.

Although it's primary function is to replace all of your action bar needs, you can download it and simply make use of the macro database.

Don't worry, downloading it will do nothing to your current setup. The only difference you'll see when you d/l it is that there will be a 'M' minimap button.

Click on that or type /mac to get started.

It's an awesome addon mate but the learning curve required to use it proficiently is steep (or maybe that's just me lol). I've been using it for years because it might not have the prettiest configuration interface, but it does more than any other action bar / button / macro addon i've ever seen.

Happy gaming :).

Necromicon 09-18-11 05:13 AM

I have SDM installed, it appears on the macro window, and I typed out my rotation macro. But . . . when I spam the macro, I cast my shadowfiend and that's all that happens. Is this a problem with SDM? Or is it with the script I typed out?

(The macro is Squinky's Spell Rotation Macro for Shadow Priests)

Seerah 09-18-11 02:58 PM

Could you copy-paste (ctrl-c and ctrl-v) what you have in the macro box? I have no idea what "Squinky's Spell Rotation Macro for Shadow Priests" is. ;)

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