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Aalwein 12-23-14 11:08 PM

Garrison considered "indoors"
When I have the option to dock the minimap indoors, it docks when I'm out and about in my garrison.

Rythal 12-24-14 01:56 AM

If it's doing that it's a blizzard bug, as Carbonite determines if your indoors by using blizzards IsIndoors(); function.

I could try to code a special occasion for garrison, but then it wouldn't work if you were inside a building within the garrison... so it's mostly a hope they fix it.

Aalwein 12-24-14 01:02 PM

Roger. Nothing I can't live with.

Odd behavior though because it only just started doing that after downloading the latest Carbonite (ie. previous Git versions it wasn't occurring).

Rythal 12-24-14 01:21 PM

Was just running around my garrison and strangely, it's not doing that at all... it only docks when I go inside one of the buildings

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