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EvilMaddness 09-04-15 11:29 PM

When uploading a addon what about the files under the folders?
Hi I wanted to share a UI Addon on here except I'm not to sure about one thing. I went ahead and made a new zip folder and folders for the Interface and WTF took out all the other addons not needed...But what about the files under the folders themselfs? Exsample under account is a file WTF File
cache.md5 MD5 File
config-cache.old OLD File WTF File
macros-cache.old OLD File
macros-cache Text Document

these files are right below where I renamed Your Server. DO I want to delete these also?

Then the renamed Character file then SavedVariables
file under that I have

Addons Text Document
cache.md5 MD5 File
Chat-Cache Text Document
config-cache.old OLD File
config-cache.wft WTF File
layout-local Text Document
(for tga pics)

marcos-cache Text Document
(I deleted the contents inside cause they are my old macros they do not need to use)

Anyways I just wanted to make sure if I need to keep these files or if I can go ahead and delete them before I upload the addon.

If I could get a step by step way to do this that would be helpful or even a video at best how to upload a addon to wowinterface.

Vis 09-05-15 05:00 AM

Take a look at this link, should answer everything you may think of asking.

Guide: Packaging up your UI to share with others

bsmorgan 09-05-15 11:21 AM

Usually, you only need the ...\Interface\Addons\<your addon folder> in the .zip file. If properly packaged, opening the .zip file should contain just <your addon folder> as the top level entry.

...\WTF\... files (i.e. saved variables, referenced in your .toc) will be created by World of Warcraft and should be populated by your addon. It is a good practice to delete these files and verify that your addon will properly populate them before releasing your addon.

Phanx 09-07-15 12:58 AM

If you're uploading an addon, your ZIP file should only contain the individual addon's folder. For example, if you're uploading an addon named NyanCat, that's normally located here:

C:\Games\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\NyanCat

... then your ZIP file should only contain the "NyanCat" folder, not the whole Interface\AddOns tree. Just right-click on the NyanCat addon folder and select "Add to ZIP" (or the equivalent depending on your OS and ZIP program).

If your addon's ZIP file contains extra layers of folders, it will be rejected on upload, since it won't work with automatic addon updaters like Minion or the Curse Client, and can be confusing to users who download it by hand.

The only time you would include the Interface and WTF folders is if you were packaging your whole UI to share as a compilation. In that case, refer to the guide Vis linked.

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