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samyonair 10-10-16 03:38 AM

[Git] Cannot change anything atm

Latest Changes for Thrumbar has to be added to locales, too.

I Would do it if I could but have wired Problems in my working Copy, cannot do anything because git wants to delete a file, although change Acelibs

I don't know how to repair it nothing helped

what I have done so far

drop all changes
removed all git tools and files
reinstalled, copied a new working copy
nothing helps
my client wants to delete nxwarehouse.lua and change libs and remove there a phrase

-- @release $Id: AceTimer-3.0.lua 1119 2014-10-14 17:23:29Z nevcairiel $
-- @release $Id$

don't know why

as long as these Issues are on my own I cannot do anything

greetings Samyonair

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