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meacham23 05-23-09 09:38 PM

cant open options
so ive been havin some issues idk if anyone else is or not, but when in a dungeon i cant right click on any characters or even my titan panel to change things or activate things.

then today i had an interesting bug i couldnt get an argent tournament quest update bc of my ui...i logged shut everything off went back in did it again and it updated....this something in the works or something new? i have the latest release version of nui+

Xrystal 05-23-09 11:10 PM

Hmm very strange.

I've not noticed either of those problems myself although if you are in combat it may not let you change some things anyway but Im sure I have selected menus during combat/raids etc and done the tournament quests. However, the latter I have not done since the latest development version was put out so can test that again but if you are using the latest release then not had a problem like that at all.

spiel2001 05-24-09 05:23 AM

Are you by any chance using QuestHelper and Cartographer?

There's a known conflict between the two of them that's causing this problem ( here's one of many posts on the subject... )

I can tell you with certainty the problem is not nUI.

meacham23 05-24-09 07:09 AM

ya i saw after i posted a retard without browsing the other posts first....that you had replied to someone having the same issue and it was quest helper that was interfering.....i just did some updates last night so once i get back into a dungeon today sometime ill check it out and see if its working again.

ill try to read through other posts before posting next time bc im sure your tired of posting the same answer to 5 or 6 different people lol.

spiel2001 05-24-09 07:17 AM

Not a problem.


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