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maccormaic 04-26-09 07:48 AM

Cooldown alert sound: stacking volume
Running 5.02.05. There is a cooldown alert sound that fires off when a spell cooldown ends. Can this be disabled?

The major problem I'm having with it is that, since all my shocks share a cooldown, when I use any of them, I get 4 CDs displayed. And when they all end, the sound is 4x louder than it would be normally. I'd rather disable the alert sound altogether.

spiel2001 04-26-09 08:10 AM

/nui hud cdsound

As with the dismount issue, this has also been discussed extensively.

maccormaic 04-26-09 10:25 PM

Sorry. I did look, but obviously not well enough.

spiel2001 04-27-09 05:56 AM

I did change the code yesterday to prevent the sound from stacking, so if you grabbed last night's update, you may not need to turn the sound off anymore.

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