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L-Delain 06-29-13 11:42 PM

My UI died with Macaroon?
I was thinking of playing again after quitting back in 2010. Back then I'd spend weeks tweaking my Holy/Disc UI to near perfection and Macaroon was a VITAL part of its visual style. Are there any add-ons that offer similar functionality Macaroon? Straight and/or square bars are so uninteresting...

samhain_whitefox 11-18-14 11:29 AM

Yeah... It's called Ion, you know, the addon who's thread you posted in? It's the sequel to Macaroon and even has a macaroon importer thingy.

samhain_whitefox 11-18-14 11:29 AM

Oh good grief, apparently this is ancient history XD ugh, the dates on these threads should be more prominent XD

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