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skipstr78 05-18-22 09:33 PM

Carbonite not loading/having errors
I recently updated Carbonite and now it wont load. I dont see the map or the quests on my UI. I have reinstalled from the website and get same results. Anyone else having this issue?

skipstr78 05-18-22 09:38 PM

Carbonite not loading/having errors
Anyone else having issues with Carbonite Maps and quests not loading? I just get a blank square where the map should be and the quest hub doesnt show up

Mimma 05-19-22 08:43 AM

I don't use Carbonite, so I cannot help you with your actual problem.

However, it would probably be a help if you included a little more information, such as what version of Carbonite you have installed, what client you are using (Classic Era, SOM, TBC or Retail), and eventually what LUA error you get (if any).

You can turn ON errors by running this script
/console scriptErrors 1

And this to turn them off again:
/console scriptErrors 0

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