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natassja72 02-25-15 05:54 PM

Gear sets swapping addon, not Outfitter /resolved
Edit: already figured it out. I can make macro for swapping gear sets, no need for addon :)

Can't delete the post though.

Phanx 02-25-15 08:51 PM

"nevermind fixed pls delete" is kind of defeating the point of a forum -- why not post the actual solution you used, so that other people with the same question in the future can benefit from your solution?

Also, you may be interested in Broker_Equipment which will give you a Broker icon (or minimap icon if you're into that) you can click to quickly swap into any of your equipment sets.

bsmorgan 02-26-15 09:40 AM

I'll bet he couldn't delete the OP because I was replying to it at that time. I did successfully delete my reply but as Phanx points out, the solution might be useful so this is what I found: shows the slash commands and an example macro.

natassja72 02-26-15 06:11 PM

I am sorry for making confusion and not posting actual solution. Indeed I could not delete the post, so I edited it saying that what I'm looking for can be macroed. Did not think anyone would need actual macro though. I simply made two macros /equipset set1 and /equipset set2 and put it on my bars. I was hoping to make one button macro for left/right click but it didn't work.
Seeing though how the addon you linked is based on minimap/broker button, I might actually use it since that would save those two buttons on my action bar :). I admit I rushed too much when deleting original post.

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