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redneck6979 11-03-09 10:50 PM

Moving screen elements

Originally Posted by spiel2001 (Post 138109)
nUI does *not* support disabling built in features in order to replace them with another mod that does that same thing.

Is there a way to move things around though? Like the "current auras cast on target by the player and player spells on cooldown" these tend to over lap on my screen, playing at 1440x900 currently.

also how do you get omen and recount to show on the same window, i haven't figured it out yet.

spiel2001 11-04-09 05:42 AM

The overlap is caused by the cooldown aura bar getting too big and wrapping. What class are you playing? You might try using '/nui hud cdmin 10' and see if that fixes that problem for you.

As for Omen and Recount -- you need to download either the "Stats" or "Dual Stats" plugin from the "nUI: Info Panel Plugins" section at -- As an alternative to using Omen3, Recount and the plugin, you could install Skada instead which does the task of all three in a single mod.

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