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Ashkir 10-14-14 02:01 PM

Detecting WoWGame Installs
Minion is simply hanging there and has been for the last half an hour. :(.

Also it seems to be pretty slow and loading everything slowly. Could be the website for it's being hammered.

Anyays; that was a long hang. Going to manually update my addons for now.

Dolby 10-14-14 02:10 PM

Hi Ashkir,

Things should be fast. So your saying it never finished detecting games?

If I can take a peek at your "minion0.log" and "minion.xml" that would allow me to see what is going on. They are located in a folder called .minion under your user folder.

C:\Users\<your windows username>\.minion\


Do you have a lot of hard drives, slow usb drives or network drives mounted on your system? If so we have an update coming out soon that will prompt you to choose what drives Minion should search for games. Currently Minion scans 4 folders deep on any drive it has access to to find the Wow.exe

Thanks for helping us test Minion! We need to find these bugs :)

Ashkir 10-14-14 09:27 PM

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It sad that for over an hour. So, I force quit minion as the X button wasn't working so I used task manager. When minion relaunched it loaded just fine, but it took about a half an hour to locate WoWGame. It's also saying addons I have are out of date that I just downloaded from wow interface and installed manually.

only 1 hard drive.

Thanks :D

Like for Skada it changed it from 1.4-20 to 1.4-17. That's a downgrade. Curse has more updated addons than WoWInterface for a few things I use like TSM or Skada or DBM; seems like the authors haven't updated wowinterface yet. Minion's tagging them out of date.

meljen 10-16-14 11:49 AM

Also having these issues
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I figured I'd tack myself onto this too, since I am having the same problem. I didn't see a reason to create multiple threads.

I am using Windows 8.1 64bit. My WoW game is installed in the normal location on the C drive. ->Program Files (x86) -> World of Warcraft.

I installed the .exe through Chrome and booted it up. Logged in, kept the games selected (didn't uncheck anything, I am running Skyrim and WoW on this computer) - and it sat there with the progress bar going back and forth saying it was collecting data and WoW addon installs (whatever the wording is). I logged out, exited, booted it up again ... same thing.

This client looks neat though! I hope to use it soon.

Dolby 10-16-14 12:35 PM

Hi meljen,

The log shows Minion is still scanning for more games. It found your install of WOW and its just trying to find more from the looks of it. How long did you wait until you restarted Minion?

Can you delete or rename your minion.xml and restart Minion? This will reset Minion.

Minion currently scans every drive it has access to for the Wow.exe so if you have a lot of hard drives, usb drives, network shares Minion is trying to find Wow.exe on it. We are working on releasing a update soon that will make Minion prompt you asking what drives its allowed to scan for games. You can even choose no drives and then manually add the game.

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