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neverg 07-22-10 03:06 PM

Buffs / Debuffs Bars
I'm thinking / trying to incorporate some kind of ClassTimer into my oUF layout. I know there is oUF_AuraBars already as an addon but I want something built-in and more personalized.

oUF_AuraBars creates a new element (AuraBars) with :AddElement. My question is would it be possible to achieve something like that but using ouF Aura system?

The problem I'm thinking is ouF supports only 1 frame of Buffs / Debuffs for each individual frame (player, target...).

How would it be possible to have a different set of player buffs or target debuffs (for example)?

Dawn 07-22-10 04:19 PM

You can create buffs, debuffs and auras per unit. While auras contain buffs and debuffs. You could go with the normal buffs and debuffs per unit and additionally use a filter for auras to only show buffs OR debuffs OR a black/whitelist containing whatever you want to show on your auras.

Different sets aren't a good idea, imho. Just apply a custom filter. :rolleyes:

Afaik, AuraBars can make use of filters, too. There should be no need to implement this into your layout.

neverg 07-22-10 04:29 PM

Thanks for the answer Dawn. :)

I was thinking to use a Whitelist instead of a Filter, I don't think AuraBars supports a Whitelist and that is one of the reasons I was thinking achieving something like this. And I never know when will the developer of AuraBars stop supporting so I prefer to trust to myself the updates. :p

Ok, I'm still a bit blind into the matter but I'll look more into it, if I don't succeed I'll just integrate oUF_AuraBars and do what I want with it. :)

neverg 07-22-10 05:40 PM

After reading what I wrote I think I didn't get myself clear (blame my English writing skills). I have my player frame and target with self.Debuffs and self.Buffs set. Is it possible to add a display somewhere of the same buffs and debuffs but filtered in some way? i.e., like displaying twice the buffs on my player/target frames but in different ways.

EDIT - I wasn't using the .Auras so I'm trying to achieve what I want using that.

But to make it clear what I wanted previously it was a way to, for example create a .Auras2. Imagine I have on player frame > self.Auras (bla bla bla). How easy is to have a different set of Auras, like for player frame again: self.Auras2, bla bla bla? :P

I don't know If I'm making myself clear. I don't know how .Buffs, . Debuffs or .Auras are create I assume they are some sort of Overrides of Blizzard ones? If they would function like a Type it would be easy to create more Frames of that type (if that makes any sense).

Anyway I think I can get there by using .Auras. :)

Sojik 07-23-10 02:15 PM

One of my old layouts had this. I blacklisted out a list of buffs (and Arcane Blast which is a debuff) from .Buffs and .Debuffs then I spawned .Auras with the same list but whitelisting those buffs (and debuff) instead.

neverg 07-27-10 02:13 AM

I Kinda achieve this using oUF_AuraBars as example. I tried to implement it using the Aura system more instead of reading all the aura info and dumping into a vector, anyway I will try to rework it sometime in the feature.

oUF_AuraBars haven't been updated to 1.4 and this way I have it working. :)

Anyway I ran into a problem that is driving me nuts.

The problem is when I deselect my current target the Bar Timers still remain up. They are no longer updated but they remain on the screen till I switch to another target or re-target the same unit.

I thought of in the update function to check for if self == target and if unitexists(self) and if not hide the bartimers frame, but it's not working. :S

Could anyway give me some help on how to achieve this and why I'm failing?

My oUF Code is here:

It starts on line: 1173.

I tried this to hide when the targer doesn't exist:


  -- Trying to Hide the frames if Target doesn't exist
                if(self == 'target' and not UnitExists('target')) then
                        for index = lastIndex, #bars do


Thanks! :cool:

Rostok 07-27-10 05:45 AM

Have you tried registering the UNIT_TARGET event ?

neverg 07-27-10 07:03 AM


Originally Posted by Rostok (Post 200315)
Have you tried registering the UNIT_TARGET event ?

No. But now I will try. :P Don't know all the events by heart, thanks. Will try that. :)

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