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Atwood 05-11-15 12:44 AM

Hello, i'am searching a Buffbar for the Normal Blizzard UI like ElvUI have on the right side of his Minimap for all 9 Buffs you can have i don't like this Blizzard Option make all Buffs to one Icon. So anyone have an Idea where i can get this Buffbar like this one.

this Addon doesn't works for the Blizzard UI like he said so i'am searching another one.

Petrah 05-11-15 10:59 AM

All that does in ElvUI is toggle the default game option under Buffs and Debuffs: Consolidated Buffs, and then it skins those specific buff icons and seperates them to the right side of the minimap. (For anyone who may wish to re-create this into a standalone addon.)

Ekaterina 05-11-15 11:55 PM

According to the addon description for that RaidBuffsChecker it is compatible with the Blizzard UI.

So just use that addon. :)

def9 05-12-15 05:54 AM

If you read the comments at curse you'll see users reporting the addon no longer functioning with the blizzard ui.

Petrah 05-12-15 10:54 AM

Report it on

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